2024 NBA Finals: Can Mavericks Make Comeback History?


2024 NBA Finals: Can Mavericks Make Comeback History? Only Five Teams Have Successfully Overcome a 2-0 Deficit


The Boston Celtics hold a 2-0 series lead against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. With the way this series is unfolding, it’s tempting to start discussing a potential sweep. The Mavericks have struggled significantly, appearing as a shadow of the team that dominated in the Western Conference finals. If they lose Game 3 on Wednesday night, their margin for error becomes almost nonexistent.

Why a Comeback Seems Improbable

Boston’s Stronghold The Celtics’ performance has been exceptional, making it easy to imagine them sweeping the series. Historically, teams leading 2-0 in the Finals have an impressive 31-5 record, indicating the daunting challenge ahead for the Mavericks.

Mavericks’ Struggles Dallas seems to have lost the spark that carried them through the Western Conference finals. Their current state makes a comeback appear nearly impossible. However, history and past performances suggest that all hope is not lost.

Historical Precedents for a Comeback

Defying the Odds Despite the bleak outlook, it’s important to remember that overcoming a 2-0 deficit has been done before. The Mavericks themselves managed a similar feat in the 2022 playoffs against the Phoenix Suns. With stars like Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, the Mavericks can never be entirely counted out.

Past NBA Comebacks from 2-0 Deficits

2021 Milwaukee Bucks In the 2021 NBA Finals, the Bucks lost the first two games to the Phoenix Suns. A pivotal 20-point victory in Game 3 revitalized them, and Khris Middleton’s 40-point performance in Game 4 tied the series. The Bucks’ stars, especially Giannis Antetokounmpo with his incredible 50-point closeout game, shined, leading them to win the series in six games.

2016 Cleveland Cavaliers The 2016 Cavaliers offer the ultimate inspiration. Facing a Warriors team that set an NBA record with 73 regular-season wins, Cleveland lost the first two games. They even fell behind 3-1 in the series. However, led by LeBron James’ historic block and Kyrie Irving’s iconic 3-pointer in Game 7, the Cavs completed an astonishing comeback to win the championship.

2006 Miami Heat Dallas fans may cringe at this memory. The Mavericks led

the 2006 Finals 2-0 against the Miami Heat, only to see a young Dwyane Wade deliver back-to-back 40+ point performances. Wade’s heroics, including clutch free throws and efficient scoring, led the Heat to win the next four games and secure the championship.

1977 Portland Trail Blazers In 1977, the Trail Blazers faced a 2-0 deficit against the Philadelphia 76ers. However, once the series shifted to Portland, the Blazers dominated with blowout victories, thanks in part to Bill Walton’s incredible rebounding and scoring. The Blazers went on to win four straight games, clinching their first and only NBA title.

1969 Boston Celtics The 1969 Celtics also provide a historical lesson. The Lakers, led by Jerry West’s explosive scoring, took a 2-0 lead. Yet, the Celtics managed to claw back, ultimately forcing a Game 7. With a vintage performance from John Havlicek, Boston claimed their 11th title in 13 years, proving that a 2-0 lead can be overturned.

Analyzing the Mavericks’ Current Situation

Strengths and Weaknesses The Mavericks possess offensive firepower with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, but their recent performances have been inconsistent. Their defense needs to tighten up to stand a chance against Boston’s versatile offense.

Importance of Game 3 Game 3 is critical. A win could shift the momentum, much like it did for the Bucks in 2021. The Mavericks need a statement game to regain confidence and instill doubt in the Celtics.

Keys to a Mavericks Comeback

Dominant Performances from Stars Doncic and Irving must deliver standout performances. Consistency in scoring and creating opportunities for teammates will be crucial.

Defensive Adjustments The Mavericks need to make significant defensive adjustments. Limiting the Celtics’ scoring opportunities and controlling the pace of the game are essential strategies.

Role Players Stepping Up Beyond their stars, Dallas requires contributions from role players. The bench needs to provide scoring bursts and defensive stops to support the team’s core players.

Mental Toughness and Resilience Overcoming a 2-0 deficit demands mental toughness. The Mavericks must stay resilient, focusing on one game at a time, and not getting overwhelmed by the series score.


While the Mavericks face a daunting task, history shows that overcoming a 2-0 deficit in the NBA Finals is not impossible. With standout performances from their stars, crucial defensive adjustments, and contributions from role players, Dallas can still make a historic comeback. The journey is tough, but as past teams have demonstrated, the impossible can become possible with determination and exceptional play.


1. Has any team ever come back from a 2-0 deficit in the NBA Finals? Yes, five teams have successfully overcome a 2-0 deficit in the NBA Finals to win the championship.

2. What is the current record for teams leading 2-0 in the NBA Finals? Teams leading 2-0 in the NBA Finals have a record of 31-5.

3. Who are the key players for the Mavericks in this series? Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are the key players for the Mavericks. Their performances will be crucial for any potential comeback.

4. What are the Mavericks’ main challenges against the Celtics? The Mavericks need to improve their defense and find consistency in their offensive game to challenge the Celtics effectively.

5. What can the Mavericks learn from past teams that overcame a 2-0 deficit? The Mavericks can learn the importance of resilience, standout performances from their stars, and the need for strategic adjustments, both offensively and defensively.