5 Factors That Contribute to Gaining Belly Fat


5 Factors That Contribute to Gaining Belly Fat


Many people have a goal to get rid of excess belly fat. Plus, it is vital to maintain moderate body weight for good health. Therefore, it is good to be exercising regularly, avoid stress, and generally take care of your body to ensure you maintain your body fat percentage and do not have excess fat in your midsection. If these do not help, you can opt for a Tummy Tuck procedure. As a result, it will give you a boost in self-confidence and boost your overall appearance. Below are things that contribute to gaining abdominal fat that you should avoid.

  1. Trans fats


Trans fats are unhealthy fats to have in your system. Some can occur in nature. And they are created for the food system. Thus, to make them more stable, hydrogen is added to unsaturated fats to allow them to be solid at room temperature. Most trans fats are in packaged foods and baked products. To use as a replacement for lard, butter, and higher-cost items. Artificial trans fats cause inflammation leading to insulin resistance, certain types of cancers, heart disease, and other diseases. It is vital to avoid or limit the use of these fats. Also, they contribute to visceral fat that causes belly fat leading to poor health.


  1. Sugary foods 

Sugary foods

Most people consume more added sugar every day than they may realize. Some foods high in added sugar include pastries, flavored yogurts, granola, breakfast cereals, and protein bars, among other processed foods. These and a diet high in energy drinks, sodas, and specialty coffees increase visceral abdominal fats. For many, consuming multiple of these foods and beverages is normal, even with the knowledge of no nutritional value from them. Also, these lead to a spike in blood sugar and cause you to feel hungry fast and feel the need to eat or drink again. Limit such foods and drinks to special occasions and opt for unsweetened tea or water.


  1. Physical inactivity

A sedentary lifestyle or one lacking physical inactivity is not healthy. Mostly it’s through prolonged sitting through the day. It can be through a long commute, watching TV, sitting at your work desk, playing video games, among other activities. The same applies if you are physically inactive, as it causes weight gain and increases negative health events. Unfortunately, today both adults and children do not meet the recommended physical activity guidelines. Therefore, the more people are less active, the more there is an increase in abdominal fat. Therefore, if you sit as part of your work, have standing breaks, or take a quick walk to have movement.


  1. Genetics


Genes play a role in developing diabetes and other conditions. Similarly, genetics also influence the tendency to store fats in the abdomen more than other body parts. Because of these, you have excess abdominal fats due to your genes. So, exercising or changing your diet may not be helpful to you if the cause is the genes. You do not have control over genetics. Plus, it increases the risk of abdominal fat accumulation.

  1. Menopause


It is common for women to gain belly fat during menopause. At puberty, the body stores fat on the thighs and hips in preparation for a potential pregnancy. This type of fat is subcutaneous and is not harmful. While at menopause, there is a drop in estrogen levels. Thus this causes the fat to be stored in the abdomen instead of the hips and thighs. To lower the risk of abdominal fat storage, you can opt for estrogen therapy. But, remember, menopause is a natural aging process in every woman. So, talk to your health care professional about any concerns with the abdominal fat during menopause.


In conclusion, many factors contribute to the gain of excess abdominal fat. High-stress levels, low fiber diet, low protein diet, poor quality sleep, and others can lead to weight gain and belly fat accumulation. However, others you cannot do much about. Such as the menopause period and genes, but some factors you can manage and change. Exercise more, make healthier choices of what you eat, and manage your stress better will help you lose belly fat.