5 Ways to Protect Your Hair During the Summer


It’s summertime and the living is easy, but not so much for your hair! From June to August, we experience the hottest sun rays every year – this certainly doesn’t stop us from enjoying every outdoor minute. From pool parties and beach trips to barbecues, summer activities are so much fun and very much needed. 


A little summer fun doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice a healthy head of hair. Want to learn how to avoid hair fading, frizz, and other summer haircare woes? Here is a little more insight on how to keep your hair safe and secure from summer weather. 


What Happens When You Don’t Protect Your Hair?


Let’s face it – the summer can wreak pure havoc on your beloved tresses if you aren’t careful! Here are a few of the hair headaches you might run into if you don’t take extra precautions:


  • Your hair cuticles could become damaged by UV rays, leaving your roots brittle, dry, and weathered.
  • UV rays also affect the levels of melanin in your hair. Dark hair becomes lighter. Light hued hair fades. These rays can also cause loss of hair pigmentation and protein, further damaging your hair.
  • High humidity can turn your voluminous locks into a damp mess. Humidity will weigh your hair down, making it heavy and lifeless.
  • Sweat, dust, and hair debris, which all happen to increase during those scorching months, all bring on issues like shedding, split ends, dandruff, and frizz.
  • Extra sweat could make your hair greasier than normal.
  • Too much sunlight exposure can make your hair sunburned and dry, damaging your roots.
  • You might end up over-conditioning your hair while trying to replace lost moisture and cure dryness.


The Best Methods & Protective Styles for Summer Haircare


To keep your natural roots secure from potential threats of the sweltering outdoors, here are a few ways to protect your hair during the summer: 


  • Drink More Water

Notice how spending hours in the sun leaves you feeling drained and thirsty? If your body doesn’t have enough fluids, too many hours of fun in the sun will leave you dehydrated. The same holds true for your tresses as well. 


Not only does drinking more water keep your hair from  dry and brittle, it also helps combat split ends. Water accounts for ¼ of the weight of each strand of hair, which is exactly why drinking more of it will keep your locks healthy.  


Drinking more fluids will help you fight uncomfortable issues like dandruff, dryness, irritation, and itchiness. Your scalp will certainly thank you for the nourishment!    


  •  Avoid Using Too Many Products

Since the summer heat can easily leave your hair dry and damaged, the last thing you want to do is make it worse by using too many products. You should especially avoid harsh products, like dying or chemical hair treatments. If you do decide to color your hair, try to time it just right by dying your locks a couple months before the peak of summer. For an even safer approach, try using organic products.  


Speaking of products, make sure to grab a good rinse-out conditioner that works well with your hair type – don’t wear too much, though. This will help you put some of the moisture back for healthy tresses. If you decide to take a couple laps around the pool, switch to a leave-in conditioner. Don’t forget your swimming cap! 


Also, remember that washing your hair too much will make your scalp and hair even dryer. Of course, you might have to wash your hair more due to excessive sweating. Try switching to a mild, organic shampoo for the best results.  


  • Wear a Cute Hat 

An all-purpose hat has a bit of a dual bonus going during the summertime – it will keep your hair safe and add a chic flair to your look at the same time! The perfect hat will elevate your look on those low maintenance hair days while keeping your hair tucked away from the big, bad sun. Here are a few different hat types that will bring the heat when paired with the right sassy summer style: 


  • Baseball Cap: This blast from the past is back on the runway, meaning it should definitely be back in your hat collection. Try matching a statement baseball cap with your swimsuit, or bring on the haute couture beyond the poolside with sneakers and a sundress. You can really spice things up with an oversized t-shirt and a pair of heels or remain conservative with a simple work dress paired with a wide belt and dad sneakers.   

  • Wide-Brimmed Hat: Keep your hair upper body shielded from the sun with this statement piece. The wide-brimmed hat looks great with Palazzo pants and even better paired with a cute pair of nude wedges and a colorful crossbody. Whether chilling out on vacation or enjoying a family barbeque, this choice is fitting.  

  • The Fedora: When you get your hands on a trendy indented soft hat, complete with its unmistakable curled brim, you keep it! The Fedora excels in versatility, pairing perfectly with almost every summer fashion idea possible. Try adding a colorful ribbon to the base to match your outfit. 

  • Wear a Colorful Scarf

Do you prefer a classy look as you sip cocktails by the ocean waves? Bring old Hollywood elegance and glamor to the function as you protect your hair by wearing a colorful scarf. With the perfect scarf wrapped around your crown, you’ll turn heads and make a fashion statement while embracing an unrivaled, timeless look. While any style of wrap is always an option, there are dozens of ways to fix your hair with a scarf accessory: 


  • High Bun w/ Folded Front: If you are growing tired of the typical all-purpose bun, try styling your hair into a high bun, then wrapping the scarf around your head at the roots. You can even leave a few strands of hair hanging in the front for a fun switchup.  

  • The Full Wrap: There’s no other look that is quite as stunning as the fully wrapped head scarf accompanied by a flattering pair of sunglasses and a side bang! Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn by matching your scarf to your outfit or opting for cool, nude tones. Best of all, your hair remains fully covered from the outdoor elements. 

  • The Bandanna Wrap: Want to leave some of your tresses hanging? Try tying your scarf at the front of your crown in the same fashion of a bandanna, letting your bouncy coils or wavy tresses hang freely. 

  • Wear a Lace Wig 


What better way to protect your tresses than to keep them fully tucked away? Reinvent yourself with a totally new look this summer by investing in a gorgeous lace front wig! The benefits are endless – you’ll love being able to experiment with different colors without applying harsh dyes to your real hair. You’ll also enjoy playing around with different styles without the commitment, switching from long to short or vice versa in a moment’s notice! Even with long tresses, hiding your hair under your wig can be done easily using several different methods. Here are a few looks that are sure to bring on the summer lovin’:


  • The Bob: Can you believe that this fierce piece of fashion history has been around since the early 1900s? The Bob continues to rock the runway with unmatched versatility. There are so many options – whether a lopsided asymmetrical bob, a vibrant blonde bombshell look, or a blunt-cut banged version, you’ll be sure to slay effortlessly no matter the choice! Best of all, because there are no long tresses left hanging, this short look is perfect for summer.

  •  The Long Deep Wave: Who says that you have to cannonball into the pool to make waves? With a long, luxurious Deep Wave Lace Wig, you’ll sport cascading, lustrous wavy tresses that embody the spirit of summer perfectly. Let your free-flowing tresses hang past your shoulders as you show off the gorgeous texture, or style it into a flirty bun or high ponytail. You’ll have tons of fun with a lengthy style that keeps your natural locks safe all the while. 

  • Colored n Bone Straight: The vibrant vibes of summer bring on playful, colorful styles to match. Match the festivities with a flirty crown full of colorful tresses! Whether a classic golden blonde, a sultry, burgundy-hued 99-J look, or fresh, unique bubblegum pink, you can never go wrong with lusciously lengthy, bone straight tresses. 


The Bottom Line


Scorching heat does not have to come with scorched hair! To combat dryness, irritation, and frizz, be sure to increase your fluid intake so your tresses stay hydrated. Try your best not to cake on too many products – your hair follicles want to enjoy the ocean breeze too! Opt for natural, organic alternatives to hair care during those heat waves. 

Remember that a stylish accessory, such as a cute dad hat or colorful scarf, will keep your hair trendy while protected. Also, a gorgeous lace front wig is the perfect way to show off a new, fun look while your hair stays out of harm’s way. For all of your couture needs, continue to choose NEW FASHION BLOG as your chic one-stop resource!