A story of constructive use of social media


A story of constructive use of social media

Rohan was born on July 29, 2017. On the fifth day of birth, Rohan was taken to the specialist because of trouble in relaxing. Subsequent to being diagnosed with jaundice, he went through various tests during therapy, which showed that Rohan was suffering from a heart condition, which is the first case of its sort in Pakistan which called blood vessel arteriosclerosis in medical language. Rohan’s dad is engaged with IT and his mom is engaged with advertising.

Parents read research papers on social media and the Internet to get some answers concerning the disease. Mayan also stayed in contact with the nation’s cardiologist, which clarified that Rohan’s first surgery would be “Naroda”, one of the most troublesome surgeries and that Pakistan’s medical infrastructure couldn’t deal with such surgeries. He had just a single month to have the activity, which was necessary for his life.

Rohan’s parents connected with various surgeons and cardiologists around the globe through social media, including email services, Facebook, Twitter, and various hospital online portals, suggesting that it is an expensive surgery because of the risk in question. The factor is high and the span of the patient’s ICU is long. It is hard for an everyday person to shoulder the cost. Thus, the parents created a page on Facebook called Help Baby Rohaan and this is the place the mission started. In the first place, the parents insisted on the amount they could bear.

The top places for surgery included Germany, Italy, Boston, Birmingham, and India. India was chosen because of its expenses and expertise (even a long excursion in this condition could be dangerous for Rohan).

Helpbabyrohaan was dispatched on Twitter

It had been 22 days since the process of getting the passport, registration of NADRA, and resolving all the steps. During this time, Indian medical visas were closed. For this, another mission called #helpbabyrohaan was dispatched on Twitter. The mission, which was pointed toward acquiring a medical visa with some acquaintances and friends, turned into a pattern very quickly. As a result, Indian Foreign Minister Shamshad Swaraj immediately sent a tweet asking the Indian Embassy in Pakistan to issue a visa.

On September 6, 2017, Rohan showed up in Delhi with his parents on a flight. Then, it was found out that the gear had been left at the Lahore air terminal, on which the parents tweeted to PIA.

Rohan’s story was at that point in the pattern so PIA orchestrated convenient conveyance. On September 8, 2017, Dr. Rajesh Sharma played out a successful surgery on Rohan. Because of Rohan’s basic condition, the term of his ICU was drawn out. Because of this, the parents ran out of resources. So he offered for help on his Facebook page and at the same time swarm subsidizing was started. As a result, numerous individuals who realized him approached for help. Immediately after Rohan’s recuperation, he was educated regarding the second surgery in a time of one year. The parents engaged the individuals for help using their Facebook page.

Rohan’s story was secured on social media platforms. Parents created various packages identified with their lives and Rohan and shared them on various social media platforms. Alongside social media, mainstream media also shared Rohan’s story. In any event, during the second surgery, when the passports were sent for the visa, the visa was issued through the previous twitter crusade. Presently, after the second successful surgery, Rohan’s parents used the Facebook page to thank everybody.