Are Seasons 1-2 of Krypton on Netflix?




The second season of Krypton has arrived on SyFy, getting off to a great start. So with Netflix holding a significant amount of DC titles on its service, will Krypton seasons 1 and 2 be coming to Netflix? Let’s find out!

The first season of Krypton arrived in March 2018 on the SyFy channel, becoming the first major DC series lead by the network. To the surprise of many, the series has gotten off to a great start, impressing audiences and critics alike. The series doesn’t take place in the Arrowverse and is, in fact, a prequel to Superman’s story. Following Superman’s grandfather Seg-El, fights to redeem the honor of the House of El after his grandfather is shamed for false claims of a world killer would arrive on Krypton. When Seg-El discovers his grandfather’s claims were true, he must fight to return the honor of House of El in order to protect Krypton from its fated destruction.

Will Krypton be on Netflix in the US?

Unfortunately, Krypton isn’t available to stream on Netflix in the US. If The CW had of been the producer of the series then Krypton would have definitely of arrived on Netflix. While there are SyFy shows on Netflix such as Wyonna Earp and Z Nation, the streaming service doesn’t receive all of SyFy’s titles.

An example of Netflix missing out on a popular SyFy series is The Expanse. To which that particular series is available to stream on Amazon Prime. As for Krypton, the only way top stream episodes of Krypton is by accessing the SyFy channel website. Outside of SyFy, you’d have to purchase individual episodes if you want to watch Krypton online.

Netflix could just as easily pick up the series eventually but there are no signs of it arriving soon. Not to mention with the launch of Warner’s streaming service later this year they may want to stream Krypton on that platform instead.

Is Krypton available to stream in other regions?

In the United Kingdom, broadcaster Channel 4 picked up the series exclusively. Episodes of Krypton would air on sister channel e4, afterward, episodes would be available to stream on their own streaming service 4oD. Season 2 hasn’t received a release date announced yet but if the first season is anything to go by then season 2 will arrive in August.

The SyFy channel is available in Australia, episodes of Krypton can be viewed on the website. Content from the SyFy channel is also available to be viewed on the streaming service Foxtel.

In Canada, the latest episodes of Krypton are available to stream on Space.

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