Cool Ways to Keep Warm When Camping in Summer


Summer is the perfect vacation season because it has much better travel weather, without any risks from ice and snow on the roads like in the winter. No matter if you love the beach or parks, summer allows you to visit both.


Even though summer usually has pleasant weather, it can rain and get cold during the night. Most people will instantly think that a raincoat will help them, but it is not always the case. For example, according to, a hoodie will keep hikers warm and dry. You just need to choose the right material as some materials are more resistant to water and can work similarly to a raincoat. Though a raincoat may provide better protection against rain, the cold may be more uncomfortable than the rain.


To make the camping experience unforgettable and comfortable, below is a list of other ideas about keeping warm when camping. It is necessary to remember that these ideas may not always work. It also depends on the region where the camping site is located.


Clothing is one of the most important things you must consider when camping. No matter the season, it is important to have the right clothes. You need to have clothes to adapt to the changing conditions. Camping outdoors can leave you susceptible to wind, rain, and nighttime chills, so you should bring clothes that can keep you comfortable in all possible conditions.

Hoodies are some of the best choices because some hoodies are made for camping. Windproof and waterproof hoodies will provide an extra layer of material to keep wearers warm. If people don’t want to invest in windproof and waterproof hoodies, they can always wear a normal one from their closet. The factor they need to consider is the material. Cotton is better to keep someone warm than a hoodie made out of polyester.

If the hoodie is customized, it can help you to stand out. That’s why this is another plus for hoodies since they can be easily customized and look cool. A printed hoodie with a joke about nature or about the cold will not only keep you warm but will make the others laugh and improve the mood. They will briefly forget about the cold and focus on your cool, catchy hoodie.

The same applies to other clothes which are already in your closet. Tank tops, long sleeve shirts, jackets, and joggers can all be customized to make you feel cool or warm while camping.


Blankets are a good idea no matter where you camp. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting at a campfire under a blanket and feeling warm. Thus, having a good blanket is essential to avoid the cold, plus blankets can be cool in different ways.

First, the shape of the blanket can catch the eye. A funny pattern or embroidery on the blanket can make it stand out from all other blankets. So, it can fulfill its function and look good while doing so.


The Cool Mug

What is better at camping than drinking something warm with your friends? Almost nothing can beat the feeling. Mugs are a cool way of keeping warm and attracting the interest of others. A good camping mug will help keep the liquid inside it warm. Some unique mugs can be sealed with hot liquid inside and kept near the body during the night to keep us warm.

Mugs are such flexible accessories and so easy to be customized. You can paint, draw and print on them if you want a one-of-a-kind mug. There are also mugs in different shapes, which is another way they can stand out.