Emily DiDonato Unveils a Refreshing Energy Boosting Routine


In the quest for a morning or midday pick-me-up, many of us automatically turn to the familiar embrace of a cup of coffee or an indulgent iced latte. However, Emily DiDonato, the 32-year-old model and mother of two, recently dropped a hint about a simple lifestyle change that might just revolutionize your energy routine – and it involves bidding farewell to the conventional caffeinated beverage.

In an Instagram story shared earlier this week with her 2.9 million followers, Emily revealed her subtle yet impactful switch. “Still off coffee,” she wrote. “I’ve been doing iced Yerba mate every morning, and it’s so much better. Still has caffeine but with way less of a buzz and way less anxiety. Not to be dramatic, but giving up coffee really did change my life and energy levels for good! If you are thinking about it, you can do it!”

Encouraged by the positive effects on her energy levels, the model, mom, and entrepreneur has sparked curiosity among her followers about incorporating Yerba mate into their own morning routines.

Adding to her recent triumphs, Emily returned to the runway after a five-year hiatus, strutting her stuff for Brandon Maxwell’s New York Fashion Week show on Feb. 14. Having taken time away from the catwalk to nurture her family, Emily, along with her husband Kyle Peterson, welcomed a daughter in November 2021, and just last April, she gave birth to their son.