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She was born in Hamburg, Germany, on January 16, 1976. Eva Habermann started her career as a model before moving into the show business. Eva Habermann represents the next wave of talented actors in Hollywood. She is a well-liked actress in the film industry. She gained notoriety due to her Lexx appearance. Eva had been pursuing her senior high school diploma while simultaneously taking singing and dancing lessons. Eva could not return to the show for a second season due to scheduling issues, despite the enormous popularity she gained from her Lexx role.


She had been listed as the 17th sexiest woman in 2003 by FHM-Germany. On February 19, 2020, she published one of the first posts on her Instagram account. In Hamburg, Germany, a movie with such a name was filmed.

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German actress Eva Habermann has made numerous film and television appearances. She gained notoriety for her performance as Zev Bellringer in the television series Lexx.

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Eva Habermann Physical Measurements


Hazel Habermann Dimensions of the body: 33-24-33 inches

Hazel Habermann’s 33-inch hip circumference

Hazel Habermann Size of Waist: 24 inches

Hazel Habermann Size of breasts: 36 inches

Hazel Habermann Normal Body Type

Hazel Habermann 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.69 m)

Weight of Eva Habermann: 65 kilogrammes (143 lbs)

Hazel Habermann’s eyes are blue.

Hazel Habermann Dark brown hair color

Hazel Habermann White skin tone

Hazel Habermann 36A bra size

Hazel Habermann A cup size

Hazel Habermann Natural Breasts After Breast Surgery

Hazel Habermann 8 in. shoe size (US)

Hazel Habermann Size of Dress: 6 (US), 34 (EU)


Personal Information about Eva Habermann


Birthdate: January 16, 1976

born in Hamburg, Germany

Actress from South America, nationality

Full Name at birth: Eva Habermann

Eva Zodiac is known as Symbol: Leo

German: Religion

Actress Eva Habermann’s profession Net worth: Approximately USD 5 million

Gerd Habermann is Gerd’s father.

Edeltraud Habermann, mother

Name of the sibling: Keanu Reeves

Hans-Ullrich Hauenstein is dating someone.

Hans-Ullrich Hauenstein, who wed in 1998.

Minors: NA


Interesting Eva Habermann Questions


What is the weight of Eva Habermann?

65 kg is Eva Habermann’s weight (143 lbs).


What is Eva Habermann’s height?

Eva Habermann is 5 feet and 5 inches tall (1.69 m).


Eva Habermann’s net worth?

Eva Habermann is estimated to have a net worth of USD 5 million.


How big are Eva Habermann’s hips?

Eva Habermann has 36-inch hips.


How big is Eva Habermann’s bra?

The bara size of Eva Habermann is 36A.


What age is Eva Habermann currently?

It was January 16, 1976, when Eva Habermann was born. She is currently older than 45.


What country does Eva Habermann represent?

Actress Eva Habermann is German.


What is the waist size of Eva Habermann?

The 24-inch waist measurement of Eva Habermann.


What are Eva Habermann’s body measurements?

Eva Habermann’s measurements are 33-24-33 Inches.

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