Fact Checking Policy

Fact-checking Policy

True management is an indispensable portion of the NEWS FASHION BLOG editorial procedure. Our editorial process includes several fact-checking steps before printing.

Fact Checking Policy Poster

We consistently attempts to reference or credit the very first source. When we’re reporting within an opinion, we consistently make it clear whose view we’re presenting. If it’s one among our own journalist’s ideas we’re publishing, we still make that clear. We have a top-notch editor for whom subscribers can email in remarks or questions regarding our content.

Ethics Policy

NEWS FASHION BLOG might be a news site where journalistic principles and standards always come. We strive to exhibit quotes together with 100-percent accuracy. We do not take comments or extracts from the circumstance. NEWS FASHION BLOG could be a free and independent news website. We consistently cite external sources when our job is predicated upon the texts of others. We respect copyright. Where a bit of writing poses a battle, we’ll always give each side the chance to comment.

Corrections policy

If we’ve published incorrect stuff, we’ll quickly fix it using complete transparency. Minor alterations to some text (for instance, a spelling correction) are likely to be soon made without an editor’s view within the article. Other upgrades or adjustments are planning to be explained within the report, always with absolute transparency.

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