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Is Lulus Fast Fashion?


Lulus is a storied online fashion retailer which started as a small vintage boutique. The company is known for its well-tailored dresses and gowns but has evolved into a wholly digital operation. Today, the site features hundreds of new styles every week. It is not hard to see why this fast fashion maven has become a cult favorite among young professional women looking to spice up their wardrobes.

One of the most exciting aspects of Lulus is its ability to sell affordable wedding gowns. In 2008, the company launched a line of fashionable, stylish, and inexpensive wedding wear. This strategy has earned Lulus a place in the fashion industry lexicon. Similarly, the company’s use of data-driven decision-making helps it keep up with the competition.

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While Lulus isn’t the first brand, you think of when it comes to sustainability, its commitment to the good stuff is acceptable. Indeed, the company has been credited with creating the “eco-friendly dress,” a piece of apparel that aims to reduce the environmental impact of fashion by replacing chemical dyes with more environmentally friendly alternatives. For its part, the company also touts its efforts to minimize the waste created by its production process.

Despite its environmental commitment, the company has its shortcomings. Some of the company’s more questionable moves include a failure to adequately address the issue of human trafficking, the creation of hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gases, and a lack of transparency in its supply chain. Furthermore, the company needs to provide more information about its suppliers, even in a best-of-breed scenario. And while the site does boast a supplier transparency page, it needs to be clarified what type of information is being gathered or analyzed.

Other notable achievements include Lulus’s foray into the world of artificial intelligence, its commitment to the humane treatment of animals, and its use of renewable energy. However, these feats are only sometimes showcased on the company’s website.

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