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You will spend some time with photo-crazy people at specific points in your life. They take hundreds of photos with their phone or camera and then upload them to social media. You must always dress well if you want to look great in photos. Fashion is not difficult to achieve with the right ideas. Get yourself ready for being fashion Guru.Some of these are here.


Keep a small container of clear nail varnish with your wearing stockings. A small amount of polish can be used to stop a snag from developing. It only takes a little to make a difference, so don’t overdo it, or you might end up with a sticky mess.


Try a sample in the store before buying a new perfume or cologne. After spraying the fragrance, wait about fifteen minutes. You can smell it to determine how it reacts with your natural scent. It does not necessarily have the same smell on you because it is pleasant to the nose.


Add items that fit your lifestyle to your wardrobe. Spend most of your time in jeans, and get the best fitting jeans you can afford. It is always an intelligent investment to invest in a wardrobe item you will wear often.


Wear pieces in exciting patterns and prints to add flair to your wardrobe. Wear striped or geometric-patterned skirts or patterned shirts with geometric patterns. Even polka-dotted or animal print shoes are possible. You can find a suitable print for you, whether you want a classic or edgy style.

fashion information from the Fashion Gurus




You can copy the look for less. You don’t have to buy the face if you see it in a magazine or if you spot a celebrity wearing it. If you’re willing to shop around, you can often recreate a similar look for much less.


Fashion is not about perfection, and it is impossible to be perfect in style. You may also look like you’re trying too hard to be perfect. The “rough” look can be a look that anyone can achieve. A tattered, purposeful look can make you stand out from the crowd, such as if your hair is out of place or your jacket is worn and torn.


You should have an overall style. You might think of a celebrity you would like to be like or an actor in a movie you’d like to emulate. This will help you to have a plan when you shop. This will give you a starting point and help you choose the items you love.




You don’t have to be afraid to add a hat to complete your look. It was common for men and women to wear hats every day in days past, and modern fashion has seen a decline in what was once the height of fashion. You can be bold and add a cool fedora or sun hat to complete your look.


One great fashion tip is to shop at thrift stores for your clothes. Thrift stores often have unique clothes that you won’t find in big department stores.

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It is essential not to wear both a belt and suspenders at once if you’re a man. Both of these items serve the same purpose, making them redundant. You will also look ridiculous wearing suspenders and a belt, and it is a simple fashion faux pas that will make you look handsome.




Add items that fit your lifestyle to your wardrobe. Spend most of your time in jeans, and get the best fitting jeans you can afford. It is always an intelligent investment to invest in a wardrobe item you will wear often.




You don’t have to wear anything just because it is trendy. Heavier people should avoid wearing skinny jeans, and they don’t look very fashionable so that they won’t be stylish.


Take a look at fashion magazines for inspiration on what to wear this season. It doesn’t mean you have to wear the latest fashion, and you can create a very similar style to the latest fashion, so people will know you are on top of your game.


A gel product can be used to style hair that is very thick or curly. Apply the gel to towel-dried hair and style as desired. It can be dried naturally or dry with a dryer, especially useful in humid conditions.




Do not listen to people talking about your clothes. Opinions are meaningless unless you have them! Fashion is about being confident and looking great in what you wear.


Fashion style is not something Hollywood can guide you with, and there are many fashion mistakes made to get noticed in today’s competitive fashion world. It is essential to seek out fashion tips from others around you not to stand out too much.


It’s impossible to predict where you might end up when someone takes your photo and posts it online for all the world (or their friends on social media). These easy tips will help you look fashionable. You don’t need much to make it look great!

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