Healthy Pregnancy: Tips For Taking Care Of Your Body And Skin


Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful and simultaneously chaotic stages for a woman. Our body undergoes changes that are unfamiliar, which is why it requires a lot of care and attention to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the baby.


But don’t worry! Achieving this is quite simple if we incorporate certain habits into our routines.


The best part? They are not at all complex and won’t require spending ridiculous amounts of money. Here are a few of them.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

The food you consume during pregnancy has a direct impact on the health and well-being of your baby in the womb and after birth.


Keep in mind that everything you consume during pregnancy passes through the placenta and reaches the baby. So, the more you consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals, the greater the nutrients your child will receive.


Folic acid is extremely important during pregnancy, as it, along with iron, is responsible for the early development of the baby and reducing the risk of complications and defects.

Prioritize Your Hygiene

Hygiene is another factor to consider in basic pregnancy care. Some diseases can be prevented by regular washing.


During pregnancy, it’s important to brush your teeth three times a day and wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom. Warm baths can be helpful for hemorrhoids.


Exercise Appropriately

Exercise Appropriately

Unless it’s a high-risk pregnancy and your doctor advises against it, physical exercise is recommended throughout pregnancy.


Engaging in sports that don’t involve sudden movements or excessive physical effort is highly recommended, as they improve muscle tone, aid digestion, enhance circulation, and prevent excessive weight gain.


Recommended sports include yoga, pilates, walking, golf, and belly dancing.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep problems are common among pregnant women, but it’s important to pay special attention to sleep during pregnancy. Try to get as much sleep as possible, aiming for at least eight hours a day.


If needed, take naps and short breaks throughout the day. And, now more than ever, choose a mattress and pillow that allow you to rest properly.


Sleeping on the left side is recommended as it prevents compression of the major blood vessels, facilitating better blood flow to the baby. Additionally, it helps prevent swollen legs.

Stay Hydrated

During pregnancy, paying attention to fluid intake is crucial. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential. It’s recommended to consume about two liters of water daily to support proper baby development.


A good indicator that you’re drinking enough fluid is if your urine is pale in color. On the other hand, reduce the consumption of tea and coffee, as well as carbonated beverages, as they can hinder digestion.

Take Care of Your Skin

Take Care of Your Skin

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to skin modifications. The skin tends to be more sensitive to sunlight, and stretch marks can form due to fetal growth.


Hydrate your skin daily with hypoallergenic lotions. During pregnancy, there’s a higher risk of developing skin spots, so daily use of sunscreen is important. Remember that if facial spots appear, you shouldn’t use depigmenting products until after pregnancy.


For areas where the skin stretches the most, like the belly and breasts, use anti-stretch mark creams. There are specialized creams for stretch marks, such as belly balm, that help prevent their appearance by increasing the natural elasticity of the skin.


How can you tell if they’re about to appear? It’s simple: the affected area will start to itch. When the skin stretches, it becomes thinner and takes on a pink tone, causing itching.


Other areas where stretch marks can develop include the lower back, buttocks, or even the vagina. They generally appear in areas where fat accumulates.


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These were just a few essential cares to consider throughout pregnancy. As you can see, most of them depend on developing certain habits to navigate pregnancy in the best way possible.


Needless to say, remember to attend your check-ups, follow your doctor’s advice, and consult your trusted gynecologist for any doubts or discomforts.