How Much Are Diamonds Worth


Diamond is considered a treasured entity and a symbol of beauty and sparkle. The gemstone industry signifies diamond as a symbol of love, but it is also a scientific wonder. Natural diamonds are made of pure Carbon and are shaped to a particular structure due to the high-pressure present below the Earth’s surface. Every diamond is unique in shape, weight, purity, and color. Moreover, diamonds can also be synthesized in labs, and depending on the investment in producing diamonds, the cost of diamonds is determined.


The price of the diamond depends on four factors. These factors are cut color, clarity, and carat. Therefore, people looking for diamonds must consider these factors before deciding on buying a diamond. If you are planning to buy a diamond, you must visit Rarecarat. Rarecarat is an online marketplace that compares the prices of different diamonds from different jewelers and wholesalers. Using Rarecarat, you can save up to 21% while buying a diamond. Moreover, Rare carat also provides a quality and price report that can be accessed free of cost. Thus there is no risk of buying a fake diamond.


Tips for buying a diamond


When a professional diamanter inspects a diamond, they look for different parameters for deciding its quality. But as a retail buyer, it is difficult for a person to examine a diamond because two different types of diamonds are kept in front of a retail customer, so it will be impossible to describe the differences between the two diamonds. Thus a person should consider the following tips before buying a diamond.


Explore lower weight classes

For instance, if you are planning to buy a 1-carat diamond, it will be a good idea to look for a diamond that is 0.95 carat. Moreover, if you plan to buy a 2-carat diamond, it will be a great idea to look for a 1.90-carat diamond. 


The cost of the diamond is directly related to the weight of the diamond. Thus reducing the weight of the diamond is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of the diamond. Diamond prices are based on carat. Thus as you reduce the carat of the diamond, the price of the diamond will also reduce. The carat of the diamond increases as the weight of the diamond increases. Also, the cost of a 1-carat diamond is around $600, but if you plan to buy a diamond with 0.90-0.95 crat, the price of the diamond will be around $400. This is a decrease in the price of around 33%, which is huge.


Color of the Diamond

The color of the diamond doesn’t refer to whether the diamond is black, blue, green, or red. But it refers to how colorless the diamond is. The diamond color is divided into different sections. D is the ideal color of the diamond, and it is also the highest grade. Meanwhile, Z is the lowest grading when it comes to the color of the diamond. If you go below I grading in the color of a diamond, you will be able to observe a yellowish tint in the diamond. But if you compare grade D with F differentiating the color will be extremely difficult. Thus, if you plan to buy a diamond at a lower price, it is a great idea to go for a diamond between grades E to I. Selecting a diamond below grade D will reduce your cost by 15%.


Clarity of Diamond

Diamonds are not perfect, and clarity refers to the inclusions present inside the structure of the diamond. The inclusions in the diamond can be of different types, such as black points to fractures. The grading on clarity tells us how big the inclusion is inside the diamond.


As retail customers, our aim while buying a diamond should be to select a diamond in which the inclusions are not clearly visible with the naked eyes. Thus you must focus on buying a diamond with SI1 clarity if you are planning to save some cash. Buying a diamond with SI1 clarity will save you up to 50% during the diamond purchase.


The shape of the diamond

Diamonds that are circular in shape are more expensive when compared to the oval diamonds, cushion cut, and princess cut. A round diamond of 1 carat with G color and VS2 clarity will cost you around $6300, while a diamond with cushion cut with the same specifications will cost you around $3500. Thus, if you are planning on saving some money, then you must plan on buying a diamond apart from the round shape.




Diamond cut is the only parameter where it is better to not save. Because if you buy a diamond with a bad cut, then the sparkle and shine of the diamond will be reduced, which is not ideal. Thus, you must focus on buying a diamond with a good cut, even if it costs you slightly higher than your budget.

When looking for a cut in the diamond, apart from the measurements such as depth of cut and table size, you must take into account the polish and symmetry of the diamond. A difference of 30% can be calculated between a diamond that is cut poorly and a precisely cut diamond. 


Certificate of Diamond

Apart from the 4C’s that are considered before buying a diamond, the certificate of the diamond can be considered as the 5th C. For a retail customer examining a diamond based on 4C’s is difficult. It is hard for a rookie to identify the flaws and differences in the diamond. Thus a retail customer can only judge a diamond based on the certificate. When buying a diamond, always focus on getting a diamond with a GIA certificate. Because if you buy a diamond with an EGL certificate, then while selling the diamond, you will receive half the cost compared to a GIA-certified diamond.