How to Dress Like Jessica Alba


How to Dress Like Jessica Alba

The star has always been known for her bold style, which is why we love to dress like her. She recently stepped out in bright red jeans, paired with a white T-shirt and black blazer. She completed her look with black booties. A mother of two, the actress and brand ambassador for Revlon, is also an avid shopper. She loves to stay at home with her family and loves to go out for drinks with her friends.

Jessica Alba


Her stylish off-duty looks are just as brilliant. She chooses several versatile dresses, from flirty minis for date nights to flowing cotton confections for the day. No matter where she goes, she looks comfortable in the outfit she chooses. The actress’ style has helped define her image as a fashion icon and continues to inspire us to follow her lead. There are no rules when it comes to dressing like an A-lister.

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Regardless of the occasion, Jessica Alba makes her blazers work for her wardrobe. The actor often mixes up her color palette by using a pop of peach or orange to add a feminine touch to her outfits. Her essential wardrobe is composed of versatile pieces, such as a structured leather moto jacket and pointed pumps. The blazer and pumps are her go-to pieces when she’s not on the red carpet.


Jessica Alba’s signature accessories are headbands, chunky bracelets, and statement necklaces. Her bags are always filled with beautiful and trendy accessories. Even her sunglasses are embellished. If you want to feel glamorous, you can always accessorize with a cute pair of sunnies. Besides these accessories, Jessica Alba also loves accessories and totes. Her overall look is casual and easy-going.


Jessica Alba has a perfect style, whether she’s on the red carpet or out shopping for new clothes. She has a wide range of wardrobe options, from designer dresses to casual pants. And she never fails to wear the most flattering pairs of shoes. The actress’s favorite pair of heels are midi-skimmers and wedges. If you plan to attend an upcoming red carpet event, Jessica Alba’s signature ensemble should be at the top of your list.

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