How to wax men’s facial hair



Men’s facial waxing and men’s grooming as a whole are on the rise. Many males understand the convenience of caring and the value of their facial hair, and more men have to step up their game when it comes to men’s waxing services.

Waxing on men’s body’s presents its own challenges, as thick hair often grows more on men’s bodies than women’s. Facial wax is no different for men and can be even more difficult to navigate and give the best results.

In this blog, we will tell you some important tips on how to wax men’s facial hair.

For men’s facials the best wax

When choosing men’s facial wax, there are some similarities and differences between the ways a woman waxes her facial hair.

Although men prefer clean lines on the beard and forehead, many men prefer a more uneven or natural look when it comes to beard and forehead wax.

The similarity between men’s and women’s waxing is that men’s facial skin can still be sensitive, in addition, this part is more prone to ingrown hairs and acne because their pores are usually large and thick hair.

When waxing a man’s face, you need to consider not only the specific skin and hair type of the area where you are waxing, but also work consciously to prevent bacteria. We recommend that you use Rosin Free Wax. This wax is very comfortable and gives you better results.

The benefits of facial waxing for men

There are various hair removal methods available in the market that gives a shiny shape. If you think waxing is better for the face, let’s take a look at its benefits.

Minimal shaving hassle

Shaving can result in skin damage, cuts, and shaving burns. To reduce anxiety and risks, waxing can be helpful. Unlike shaving, for men, facial wax removes hair from the scalp, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Waxing softens your skin.

This method also removes the top layer of dead skin, in addition to removing unwanted hair. As a result, the skin on the face becomes smooth and soft, which is difficult to achieve with other hair removal methods. There are a variety of facial wax strips available for men, who can help you, get rid of random hair strands.

Wax facilitates proper hair removal.

Hard wax or soft wax is a great technique for men to remove hair properly. They give you high accuracy because the hair is only removed from the area where the wax is.

Method to wax men’s facial hair

Stop shaving your face for a week or two. If there is a mustache or beard, cut them in 1/4 length. Before waxing hair should be grown that was previously shaved.

As directed heat the wax. Some wax can be heated in the wax heater. Others can be heated in a microwave.

Soak the cotton in alcohol or pre-wax solution. This step removes oils that interfere with waxing. Before starting waxing allows the skin to dry for a few moments.

Using the applicator, apply the wax evenly in the direction of hair growth.

Before preparing to take it off, pull the skin tight. In general, this means pulling against the direction you intend to pull. Fastly pull the hardened wax or strip from the skin, moving from left to right or down instead of straight out. As soon as the bandage is pulled, place your hand on the waxy part. This can reduce the pain. Repeat steps until all areas have been waxed.

Rub the oil solution on the waxed area to help soothe the skin and remove any loose pieces of wax.

Wet a washcloth with cold water, and apply it to the face of the swollen skin. Hold this position for five minutes.


Avoid applying wax directly after the shower as it will warm the skin, making it difficult for the wax to harden properly.

If some of the hair patches look stubborn, try waxing in different directions. To remove extra hairs apply the tweezers.

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