Hyo-Joo Han Bio, Lifestyle, Measurements, and Net Worth


Hyo-Joo Han Bio, Lifestyle, Measurements, and Net Worth


Hyo-Joo Han Measurements, Biography, Height, Weight, and Family


The highly regarded television series Heaven & Earth made her a household name, and subsequent hits such as Brilliant Legacy, Dong Yi, and W cemented her position as a top television artist. Her success on television has translated effectively into her film career.


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Han Hyo-Joo is a South Korean actress with international acclaim for her work in the film and television industries. She cried towards cinematic work after being discovered in a teenage beauty pageant, despite being a skilled athlete in her teens.


Measurements of Han Hyo-Joo


Hyo-Joo Han 34-27-34 inch waist, 34-27-34 inch hips, 34-27-34 inch waist, 34-

Hyo-Joo Han Slim body type

Hyo-Joo Han is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall

Hip Size of Han Hyo-Joo: 34 in

Hyo-Joo Han 27 in. waist

Hyo-Joo Han 34 in. breasts

32B Han Hyo-Joo Bra Size

Size of Han Hyo-Joo Cup: B

Hyo-Joo Han Brown-colored eyes

Hair Color: Dark Blonde Han Hyo-Joo

Hyo-Joo Han Color of Skin: White

Hyo-Joo Han Natural Breasts vs. Breast Surgery

Han Hyo-weight Joo’s is 121 pounds, or 55 kilograms (In 2021)

Hyo-Joo Han Sizes: 8 (US), 39 (EU), and 6 (UK) (UK)

Sizes of Han Hyo-dresses Joo’s include 6 (US), 38 (EU), and 10 (Japan) (UK)


Personal Information about Han Hyo-Joo


February 22, 1987, was my birthday.

Han Hyo-full Joo’s name is Han Hyo-Joo Han Hyo-Joo Han Hyo-

Han Zodiac, Han Zodiac, Han Zodiac, Han Zodiac, Han Zodia Taurus is the sign of the bull.

South Korean nationality

An atheist is my religion (Catholic)

Model, actress, and producer are some of her professions.


Father’s name is unknown.

Agnes is the name of my mother.

Bae Soo-bin is her boyfriend (Actor)

Bae Soo-bin, Bae Soo-bin, Bae Soo-bin, Bae Soo

There are no children.

Whitney Heard is the name of one of the siblings (Younger Sister)

Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea, is where he was born.

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Han Hyo-Joo: Interesting Questions



Amber Han Hyo-Joo speaks what languages?

Han Hyo-Joo is fluent in American English.


Han Hyo-eyes Joo’s are what color?

Han Hyo-eyes Joo’s are blue.


What are the body measurements of Han Hyo-Joo?

The physical dimensions of Han Hyo-Joo are 34-27-34 inches (86.3-68.5-86.3 cm).


What is Han Hyo-weight? joe’s

Han Hyo-Joo weighs 55 kg (121 lbs). Han Hyo-weight joo’s is a good match for her height.


Han Hyo-height Joo’s?

Hyo-Joo Han is 170 cm (5 feet and 7 inches) is his height.


Is Han Hyo-Joo dating anyone?

Bianca Butti, a cinematographer, is presently dating Han Hyo-Joo.


What is Han Hyo-current Joo’s age?

Han Hyo-Joo was born in Austin, Texas, on April 22, 1986. Han Hyo-Joo is 35 years old.

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