Inspiration: Brenna Huckaby’s 6 Motivations for Gym Time



Embarking on a fitness journey is often challenging, with motivation wavering like a flickering flame. However, Brenna Huckaby, a Paralympic gold medalist, snowboarder, and SI Swimsuit model, recently took to TikTok to share her unique motivations for hitting the gym. In this article, we’ll delve into Huckaby’s inspiring list, which transcends the conventional focus on weight.

1. Redefining Space

In her TikTok revelations, Huckaby expressed a desire to get “swollleee” not just for physical strength but to reclaim space. Breaking free from societal norms that encourage shrinking, she advocates for embracing one’s full presence.

2. Mental Resilience Training

Huckaby identifies the gym as her arena for mental training, equipping herself to handle mansplaining and misogyny. Beyond physical gains, she emphasizes the importance of fortifying the mind to navigate through societal challenges confidently.

3. Strength for Self-Love

A powerful motivation Huckaby shared is the pursuit of physical strength to foster self-love independently of external influences. She encourages individuals to find strength within, emphasizing that true empowerment begins with embracing oneself.

4. Shattering Disabled Stereotypes

As a Paralympic gold medalist and snowboarder, Huckaby aspires to push the limits of what disabled women can achieve on a snowboard. Her gym sessions become a platform for breaking stereotypes and showcasing the prowess of differently-abled individuals.

5. Empowering Women

In a bid to uplift her fellow women, Huckaby hits the gym to actively contribute to dismantling patriarchal norms. Her workouts symbolize a broader movement towards empowering women to defy societal expectations and embrace their strength.

6. Music and Motherhood

Brenna Huckaby shares a relatable motivation – the freedom to listen to explicit music without her kids hearing. Her gym sessions become a personal space where she can enjoy her favorite tunes unapologetically.

Athleta Connection

During her workout sessions, Huckaby dons Athleta’s bra and leggings set, emphasizing the importance of quality gear. As a partner with Athleta, she subscribes to the mantra: look good, feel good, do good.

Support and Encouragement

Huckaby’s TikTok post garnered positive responses from her extensive following, highlighting the importance of a supportive community in fitness journeys. Comments praising her strength and fabulous appearance reflect the power of encouragement.


When motivation wanes, Brenna Huckaby’s list serves as a reminder of the diverse reasons to hit the gym. Beyond weight concerns, her motivations encompass reclaiming space, mental resilience, self-love, breaking stereotypes, empowering women, and enjoying personal freedoms. So, the next time you contemplate skipping the gym, consider crafting your unique list of motivations to reignite the spark.