Jellycat Toys Info, Including Where To Buy And How To Care For Them


Jellycat Toys Info, Including Where To Buy And How To Care For Them


Sensory soothers like Jellycat Bashful Bunnies are *the best*. They have incredibly soft and tactile fur that is unlike any other soft toy, making them comforting, calming, and soothing all at the same time. If you’re aware, you’re aware. IN REAL LIFE The deliciously soft, plush fur promotes tactile awareness and stimulates the senses, calming effect on the body. They’re also filled with a small sac of weighted beans, adding to the sensory experience. When that distinct fur becomes a little loved one, they become familiar and safe. Because of this and their adorable faces, they are the toy to which your child will become attached.

Even better, the Jellycat Bashful Bunnies are safe from the moment they are born. Everything is internally stitched in to ensure their safety. Most plush toys are not, so they are our preferred gift for teeny babes.

Jellycat Bashful Bunnies


Jellycat Bashful Bunnies have the ideal proportions for small people. Their floppy ears and arms are suitable for grabbing and carrying. They aren’t cumbersome, and you can bet your child will be dragging them along on all of their adventures. Plus, they sit so sweetly on a shelf with their weighted bodies, and no nursery is complete without a Jellycat Bunny or twelve.


They’re highly collectible! Jellycat Bashful Bunnies come in various lovely colors and sizes, and your little one will adore having a little gang of bunnies. Each has a distinct personality and a unique story to tell. They will be used in open-ended games such as cubby houses, tea parties, and role play. There is no such thing as having too many!


They can be machine washed. Yes, they can be washed in the washing machine. We recommend using a washing bag and the coldest, gentlest cycle available. After that, lay flat to dry. The fur does change over time, but that is part of their beauty.

They are enticingly sweet! Jellycat Bashful Bunnies are timeless and classic. We see it in stores all the time: little kids (and big kids) adore the look and feel of these special bunnies. And they are the thing that stops people in their tracks no matter where they are displayed!

OK, so that’s why we love them, and here’s why and what we think you *need* to add to your cart right now to get your Easter shopping started:

A traditional medium bashful bunny is the ideal newborn Easter gift. Whether it’s a baby on the way or a newborn, this is a timeless gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Beautiful flowers adorn Jellycat Blossom Blush Bunny’s ears, hands, and feet! Get yourself a Blossom Bunny and join them on their summer adventures! Blossom Blush Bunny can’t wait to join the picnic, and she’s even brought some flowers! This bunny is dreamy-soft in warm peach fur, with a pink bobble nose and blossom ears and paws.


Jellycat has how many different types of washing labels?

In our experience, two leading care labels can be found on the bottom of your Jellycat. One will recommend hand washing, while the other will recommend machine washing. You may find yourself with a Jellycat from another country or even an older model from time to time. We recommend that you check the label of your Jellycat before washing or cleaning it. Here are some logos to look out for and explanations of what they mean.


Do not tumble dry if washed by hand.

Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Do not use bleach.