Jeremy Corbyn to meet party leaders to discuss averting no-deal Brexit – live updates | Politics



If there are others, I am open to hearing others … Anybody that could command a majority in the House of Commons to avoid us crashing out without a deal if the legislative approach, which I think is the strongest and best way forward, if that doesn’t work.

[Jeremy Corbyn] knows he doesn’t have the numbers. He says he’s serious about wanting to stop no deal, and, taking him at his word, I presume that means that he would be prepared to put forward that vote of no confidence and then, if we are in that scenario of having an emergency government, unite behind somebody who can command support right across the house.

He might have suggestions for who that person could be and it could be a senior Labour politician at the end of their career who doesn’t have that long-term ambition of being prime minister, because I think the house is more likely to support someone in that emergency scenario than somebody who actually wants to be prime minister and is currently leading a political party.