How to Make a Smoked Old Fashioned


Making a Smoked Old Fashioned

An old-fashioned smoked cocktail is a cocktail that is infused with smoke, either directly or through the use of a smoking bottle. Adding a bit of smoke to a drink adds complexity to the flavour and enhances the bold taste of the beverage. In addition, a smoke-infused old-fashioned is visually appealing.

A smoked old-fashioned can be made using different types of whiskey. You can also make a smoked old-fashioned with maple syrup. If you want a more traditional bourbon-infused recipe, it is recommended that you buy a good bottle of bourbon that has been aged in new charred oak barrels. You must purchase high-quality bourbon and remember that a high percentage of corn is necessary for the best flavour.

The bourbon used for the smoked old-fashioned can be heated in a SMOKER TUBE or pan-like water. Once the bourbon has been infused with smoke, it can be poured back into the bottle or used for another bourbon cocktail.

To create a smoked old-fashioned, you will need a smoker and a smoker bottle. You can purchase a smoker from most stores. However, if you have a beer tap, you can easily infuse your bourbon without needing a smoker. Alternatively, you can use cedar plank and wood chips to infuse your bourbon. This method allows you to add the smoke flavour to your drink without setting your alarm off.

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Once you have a smoker, you can choose from various bourbons to use for your old smoked fashion. For a truly classic cocktail, you should use a 51% bourbon aged in a new charred oak barrel. Another option is to purchase a rye or a brandy. These whiskeys are not as spicy as bourbon, but they can be used in place of bourbon if you prefer.

The smoked old-fashioned is a classic cocktail that anyone can enjoy, but it’s fun to play with the flavours and textures of this bourbon-based drink. Using a smoker or a cedar plank, you can easily infuse a bourbon-based cocktail with smoke, making your glasses stand out.

Besides adding smoke to a bourbon-based cocktail, you can also try adding other flavours, such as rosemary, bitters, or maple syrup. Depending on the type of bourbon you use, it can be paired with different bitters and syrups, creating a unique bourbon-based cocktail. With a bit of creativity and some help, you can create a smoked old fashioned that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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