‘Mr. Iglesias’ Season 1 on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far



The fluffiest comedian alive today is making his sitcom debut on Netflix in June! Love him or hate him the comedian is larger than life and is a massive draw worldwide. Here’s everything we know so far on Mr. Iglesias including the Netflix release date, plot, cast and trailer.

Mr. Iglesias is an upcoming American comedy series written by D.J. Ryan. The series starring Gabriel Iglesias, also has the actor serving as one of the executive producers of the Original. Gabriel Iglesias has a great relationship with Netflix having previously had 2 Original Stand-Up specials with the streaming service. Netflix will hope the series is a smash hit as their recent record for Sitcoms has not been the best with the cancelations of such shows like One Day at a Time, Friends From College and Disjointed.

What is the plot of Mr. Iglesias?

The following synopsis has been given for Mr. Iglesias:

A good-natured public high school teacher who works at his alma mater. He takes on teaching gifted but misfit kids to not only save them from being “counseled out” by a bully bureaucrat Assistant Principal, but also to help them unlock their full potential.

Who is in the cast of Mr. Iglesias?

The following cast members have been confirmed for for the first season:

RoleCast MemberWhere have I seen/heard them before?
Gabe IglesiasGabriel IglesiasMagic Mike | Ferdinand | Coco
GraceGloria AungHenry Danger
WalterTucker AlbrizziA.P. Bio | The Big Bang Theory | ParaNorman
MarisolCree CicchinoGame Shakers | Henry Danger | Me, Myself and I
Abigail SpencerMaggie GehaGotham | Ted 2 | The Rewrite
Mikey GutierrezFabrizio Zacharee GuidoWorld War Z | Welcome to the Family | Dog Days
Principal Paula MadisonSherri Shepherd30 Rock | Precious | One for the Money
LorenzoCoy StewartAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D | Bella and the Bulldogs | Are We There Yet?
Tony OchoaJacob VargasLuke Cage | Sons of Anarchy | Traffic
CarlosOscar NunezThe Proposal | The Office | Baywatch


Are there any images or stills of Mr. Iglesias?

Gabriel Iglesias can be seen in all his fluffy glory.


How many episodes will the first season debut?

According to IMDb the first season will have 10 episodes. This amount of episodes is fairly typical for a Netflix Original.

What are the episode run times?

Each episode will be roughly 30 minutes long. Considering the series is a sitcom, anything longer than 30 minutes would be massively surprising!

What are the episode title names?

At the time of writing there are only a select few episodes with the titles revealed:

  1. 1.1
  2. 1.2
  3. 1.3
  4. 1.4
  5. 1.5
  6. Talent Show
  7. 1.7
  8. Teacher’s Strike
  9. Oh Boy, Danny
  10. 1.10

Has Netflix released a trailer yet?

With the series within a month of being released by Netflix they finally dropped a trailer.

When is the release date for Mr. Iglesias?

The first season of Mr. Iglesias will be coming to Netflix on the 21st of June!

Will the series be available in my region?

Yes! The Original has been listed for global launch, which means no region is excluded from recieiving the first season of Mr. Iglesias.

What time will I be able to stream Mr Iglesias?

The following table below are the times Mr. Iglesias Season 1 will be available to stream in the different regions across the world:

Time ZoneTime available to stream
Pacific Standard Time12:00 AM
Mountain Standard Time1:00 AM
Central Standard Time2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time3:00 AM
British Summer Time8:00 AM
Central European Time9:00 AM
Eastern European Time10:00 AM
India Standard Time12:30 PM
Japan Standard Time16:00 PM
Australian Eastern Time18:00 PM
New Zealand Day Light Time20:00 PM

Please Note: Netflix releases all of their latest titles at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

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