New York’s new rat plan: ply rodents with alcohol and then drown them | US news



New York has unveiled its latest weapon in the city’s long-running war against rats – an alcohol death trap.

Rodents are one of the more unappealing aspects of life in America’s largest metropolis, often seen scurrying between subway tracks and sniffing around garbage bags.

City officials have spent millions of dollars trying to cull the rat population over the years, deploying everything from birth control to vermin-proof rubbish bins.

On Thursday they said they had at last found a solution: a machine that attracts rats with bait and then triggers a trap door that drops them into a pool of alcohol-based liquid.

“It knocks them out and they drown eventually,” said Anthony Giaquinto, the president of Rat Trap, which imports the devices from Italy.

The machine – called Ekomille – is battery operated and resembles a cabinet that stand about two feet (60cm) high.

Rats climb a ladder to eat the bait. A sensor deploys a trip lever which plunges them into a tray that can hold 80 rat carcasses.

An ‘Ekomille’ rat trap is displayed as Brooklyn, New York.

An ‘Ekomille’ rat trap is displayed as Brooklyn, New York. Photograph: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

A total of 107 furry rodents met their end this way during a month-long trial around the grounds of the borough hall in Brooklyn, officials said.

During a rather macabre demonstration for journalists outside the building on Thursday, sanitation workers opened the container to reveal several dead rats floating in a green liquid. “It’s humane and environmentally friendly,” said borough president Eric Adams.

He declared the trial a success and said it would be rolled out in some of Brooklyn’s most rat-infected districts.

Thousands of New Yorkers ring a health department help line every year with rat complaints. Adams said New York was gripped by a rat “crisis”, adding that families were being “traumatised” by the vermin.

In July 2017, the city announced a $32m program to cull thousands of rodents by installing rat-resistant rubbish bins and tightening rules on waste. It also tested a liquid bait that made rats infertile.

A rat shot to internet stardom in 2015 when it was filmed walking down the stairs of a subway station with a slice of pizza in its mouth.