Plans for anti-sex toilets in seaside town ‘submitted in error’ | UK news



A council has said plans for public toilets in a seaside town – with design features to deter vandalism, rough sleeping and sexual activity – were submitted in “error”.

Plans for the toilets in Porthcawl’s Griffin Park included weight-sensitive floors that would ensure only one user could be in a cubicle at a time to safeguard against “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism”. Any such behaviour would trigger alarms and water jets.

The design and access statement submitted to Bridgend county borough council also set cubical use time to deter rough sleeping and proposed graffiti-resistant walls and floors.

However, Porthcawl town council has since said the plans were misinterpreted and the toilets will be of “traditional construction”. In a statement, the authority said: “We are aware that a number of security features have been listed in the design and access statement as part of the planning application. Unfortunately, the town council’s enthusiasm and intentions have been misinterpreted.

“The town council are committed to providing new toilets that will be good quality and of traditional construction. The various features listed in the design statement will not be included in the construction.

“The town council has never had any intention of installing any floor or other movement sensors, any restricted time entry, there will not be water sprays, or self-opening doors, no weight-sensitive floor and no dousing equipment as described in the statement. Appropriate amendments will be made to the design and access statement as necessary.”

The existing facilities are due to close in October while demolition and construction of the new building takes place. The council said the new facilities will be completed by the spring.