Revolting Betty’ Star Ana Maria Orozco To Headline ‘Perdida’


Revolting Betty’ Star Ana Maria Orozco To Headline ‘Perdida’

LILLE, France — Ana María Jose Clemente Orozco, World Health Organization got through to international eminence enjoying the hero within the initial Colombian “Revolting Betty,” can play one in all the feminine leads in “Perdida,” associate Atresmedia Original Series, created with Mediapro’s Madrid-based detonation Media, that underscores the aspiration of current Spanish written substance.

The arrangement can move into generation within the following returning days. A spine excitation with solid family setting, it activates Antonio, to be vie by Spain’s Daniel Grao (“Euro Pudding,” “Julia’s Eyes,” “Gigantes”). associate enticing moderately aged European, Antonio is captured in capital of Colombia for charges of medication pirating. He’s set during a standout amongst Colombia’s most notable penitentiaries, along with his legal consultant the most partner World Health Organization has confidence in his innocence.

Slice to thirteen years sooner, in another life Antonio lived on Valencia’s Mediterranean coast, cheerfully married with a vernal girl. In any case, she disappears, flipping around Antonio’s life.

Orozco can play Milena, portrayed by Atresmedia as a solid, decided, a telenovela performer World Health Organization yearns to maneuver up to higher-end prime of the road universal creations. an extended time into her vocation, Milena gets the work she supposes are her break, but ought to confront her humble past within the town of capital of Colombia.

Declaring Orozco’s throwing at Series Mania, Atresmedia failed to uncover however Antonio and Milena determine with one another.

Made below the Atresmedia Series name, at normal 50-minute scene international length, “Perdida” underscores the scale-up in Spanish fiction aspirations as arrangement are created to emerge during a market of 477 million native Spanish speakers and past.

Just barely a pair of years back, number of Spanish arrangement were shot on the 2 sides of the Atlantic and for the foremost half lensed in sound studio. Be that because it might, as Atresmedia’s Laura Miñarro referred to as attention to at a Spain in Bloom round table at Lille’s Series Mania on Monday, the last’s not true any longer.

“We are increase an area of spine chillers all shot in outsides,” she processed. “Presently it’s creation a serious distinction. we’ve gone from eightieth shooting within to one thousandth outside. that’s brilliant, critical.”

On “Perdida,” the organizations can film for over 1 / 4 of a year in increasingly a hundred and twenty one in all a sort areas between Valencia, Spain and capital of Colombia, Colombia.

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