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‘Love & Listings’ is a real-estate documentary that lends an inside look into celebrities selling and buying their million-dollar homes in Southern California. Taking us on a glamour-packed ride, it definitely offers the much-needed guilty pleasure, especially to us regular fans, who love watching our favorite celebs scouring for their dream houses, which we could definitely never afford in this lifetime (maybe!) Accompanying this extremely wealthy clientele is a team of the leading and most ambitious real estate agents, competing against each other in a game to reach the top.

‘Love & Listings’ is a VH1 show, executive produced by Entertainment One (eOne), Creature Films and Purveyors of Pop. It is produced by Relevé Entertainment for VH1.

Love & Listings Cast: Who is in it?

‘Love & Listings’ features some of the noted celebrities from this era such as Jermaine Dupri, Jordin Sparks, Amber Rose, Ray J, Brandy Norwood, Laz Alonso, and others, getting into real-estate deals with elite agents. Of course, these million-dollar deals also involve a bit of play. Among the real estate moguls, we see Suge Jacob Knight, who rose to become a prominent figure in property transactions after struggling with multiple family relationship challenges. Since the conviction of his father, Jacob is a rising star in this business, who is attempting to revive his family’s name after battling legal troubles.

Joining him is former NFL Linebacker Zac Diles, experienced agent Erik Miles, new arrival Ajani Scott, and several others from LA’s burgeoning real estate realm. Diles, a professional football player, joins the game of real estate, after spending eight years in the sports industry. As a result, he has a huge client base, comprising previous teammates. However, his weakness for the opposite gender often lands him in trouble.

Scott is a part-time waitress and a newbie in the industry, who is all set to make a name for herself. Full of potential, she is an apprentice for Erik Miles. Taylor Schwartz, dubbed as “a rookie agent”, is charming, smart, and pretty. She is young and yet has the power to attract clients. Her only drawback is her temper, which regularly lands her in hot water. She is employed under Tai but is attracted to an offer made by Andrew Clinkscale.

Andrew Clinkscale, a name to be reckoned with, hails from one of Beverly Hills premiere real estate agencies. He has a difficult past, living in foster homes and hence, is quite ambitious — always determined never to go back to his previous days. His position becomes controversial after he is involved in romantic rumors with another agent. Samantha Barretto is also one of the best names from a prestigious firm in Beverly Hills.  She works with her colleague and ex-boyfriend Zac, which begins to impact her career.

Sarah Scheper, a powerful personality from Orange County, is branded as the queen of Beverly Hills real estate market. However, her turbulent relationship with Jacob causes disagreements between him and the other agents. Erik Miles, a former lawyer and currently a real estate professional, is from a West Hollywood agency. His attitude to get attracted toward risky deals often puts him in trouble.

Tai Savet is from a LA-based brokerage firm and one of the biggest names in the show-biz industry. On the other hand, Alexandre Anu is a prominent titan from several renowned brokerage firms and has a huge base of elite clientele. He usually deals with high-end luxury properties and his customers include many A-list celebrities and top businessmen.

Love & Listings Plot: What is it about?

Each episode of ‘Love & Listings’ delves deep into the “glamorous and scandalous lives of Southern California’s young, ambitious real estate agents and their elite celebrity clientele.” Comprising eight episodes, it also showcases how these million-dollar deals often include personal drama — especially when the lines between business and pleasure begin to blur.

For example, one of the talented real estate moguls featured here is Suge Knight’s son, Jacob, who is currently in his training period in the realm of real estate industry. After his father was convicted for a supposed murder, he had to battle a long series of legal struggles. Caught amidst personal and professional challenges, he wants to rise in LA’s property game, whilst being constanly dragged down by his infamous family name.

As per his own statement on one of the episodes, “I feel like my dad had bad communication. He didn’t know how to talk. I don’t wanna let my dad down… getting that real estate license and becoming the top real estate agent in L.A. is the first step to making my father proud.”

Love & Listings Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Love & Listings’ season 1 premieres on July 31, 2019 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1. Its first run comprises eight episodes, each one-hour long in duration. Now, as far as another installment is concerned, VH1 has not come up with an official announcement. However, if a second part does happen, as per our best guess, ‘Love & Listings’ season 2 should premiere sometime in July 2020. We will update this section with more concrete news as and when we learn more.

Love & Listings Trailer:

While we wait for an update on ‘Love & Listings’ season 2 release date, check out the official trailer for season 1 here. Additionally, you can also head to their official site if you wish to catch up on all the latest clips from the show.

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