Seven days of Brexit commotion – webcast | News


Seven days of Brexit commotion – webcast | News

Indeed, even in the disordered setting of late Brexit discusses, this week emerges as uncommon. As Theresa May endeavored to go her arrangement through parliament, her position ebbed away further and her voice offered route to a rough croak. Annihilation, when it went ahead Tuesday, was again squashing. It implied regarding a guarantee to hold a vote on expelling a no-bargain Brexit from the arranging alternatives, however this brought further bedlam. With her bureau miserably split, May had all the earmarks of being losing control of occasions as the administration whipped against a revised rendition of its unique movement – and after that lost the vote.

Anushka Asthana went through the week in Westminster addressing a portion of the key players as occasions unfurled. She gets notification from Labor’s Jess Phillips and Emily Thornberry, in addition to Conservative MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg and Sam Gyimah.

Joining Anushka to comprehend everything is the Guardian’s appointee political editorial manager Rowena Mason. They back on seven days that may have fixed May’s destiny – and that of Brexit.

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