Sydney Sweeney’s Radiance Unveiled: Laneige’s Secret Weapon


I. Introduction

  • A glimpse into the radiant world of Sydney Sweeney’s red carpet looks
  • The role of Laneige products in her skincare routine

II. Sydney Sweeney: A Rising Star

  • Early life and birth details
  • Notable roles in Euphoria, The White Lotus, and more
  • Recognition in the film industry

III. Glam Gurus’ Secret: Laneige Products

  • Sydney’s long-standing association with Laneige
  • Makeup artist Melissa Hernandez’s endorsement
  • Importance of priming for a lasting and luminous makeup look

IV. Melissa Hernandez’s Makeup Techniques

  • The “dime-sized” technique for applying dewy moisturizer
  • Warming up products for optimal results
  • Key steps in preparing Sydney’s skin for premieres

V. Skincare Routine for Madame Web Premiere

  • The use of Cream Skin Toner in the preparation process
  • Application of Lip Sleeping Mask for smooth, supple lips

VI. Sydney Sweeney’s Personal Life

  • Engagement to businessman Jonathan Davino
  • Recognition in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2023

VII. Conclusion

  • Summarizing the impact of Laneige products on Sydney’s red carpet appearances

Sydney Sweeney, born on September 12, 1997, has become a shining star in the American film industry, celebrated for her roles in hit series like Euphoria and The White Lotus. Beyond her acting prowess, Sydney’s radiant red carpet looks have become a subject of admiration, thanks to her collaboration with Laneige and the skilled hands of makeup artist Melissa Hernandez.

Sydney Sweeney: A Rising Star

At 25, Sydney found herself on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the celebrity category of 2023, a testament to her rapid rise in the entertainment world. Her journey began with breakthrough roles in Everything Sucks! and The Handmaid’s Tale, leading to a feature in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 2019. The year 2023 brought further acclaim for her role in the drama film Reality and the romantic comedy Anyone but You.

Glam Gurus’ Secret: Laneige Products

Sydney’s glowing appearances owe much to her partnership with Laneige, a brand she has passionately endorsed. Makeup artist Melissa Hernandez, the magician behind Sydney’s flawless looks, swears by Laneige’s luscious products for the perfect skin preparation, emphasizing the crucial role of priming for a makeup look that stands out on the red carpet.

Melissa Hernandez’s Makeup Techniques

Hernandez, a glam guru in her own right, unveils her secret technique of using a “dime-sized” amount of Laneige’s dewy moisturizer. Warming it up in the palm of her hand, she delicately presses it into Sydney’s skin, creating a hydrating, radiant glow that becomes the envy of many. This meticulous process is the cornerstone of Sydney’s red carpet-ready complexion.

Skincare Routine for Madame Web Premiere

For the Madame Web premiere, Hernandez reveals her detailed skincare routine, including the application of Cream Skin Toner priced at $36. This toner serves as a vital step in softening and moisturizing Sydney’s complexion before the makeup application. As a finishing touch, a generous layer of Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask ensures smooth and supple lips, completing the flawless look.

Sydney Sweeney’s Personal Life

Beyond the spotlight, Sydney enjoys a blissful personal life, engaged to businessman Jonathan Davino. This adds another layer to her multifaceted personality, showing that her radiance extends beyond the red carpet.


In essence, Laneige products have become Sydney Sweeney’s secret weapon for achieving a radiant red carpet look. Melissa Hernandez’s expert techniques, combined with Sydney’s commitment to a meticulous skincare routine, unveil the magic behind her luminous appearances.


Q1: Where can I purchase Laneige products? A: Laneige products are available at various beauty retailers and online platforms. Check the official Laneige website for authorized sellers.

Q2: What is Sydney Sweeney’s most recent project? A: Sydney Sweeney received praise for her role in the 2023 drama film Reality and starred in the romantic comedy Anyone but You.

Q3: How did Melissa Hernandez prepare Sydney’s skin for the Madame Web premiere? A: Hernandez used Cream Skin Toner and applied Lip Sleeping Mask to achieve a hydrated, radiant glow.

Q4: What is the significance of the “dime-sized” technique mentioned by Hernandez? A: The “dime-sized” technique involves using a small amount of Laneige’s dewy moisturizer, warmed up before application, to create a radiant glow on the skin.

Q5: Where can I find more information about Sydney Sweeney’s achievements? A: For more details on Sydney Sweeney’s achievements, you can refer to reputable sources, including her official social media profiles and industry-related publications.