What is a T-part lace wig and how to make it artistically?


What is a T-part lace wig and how to make it artistically?


What is a T-part lace wig?


A t part lace wig has a small part of the trim around the edges, however there is a great deal of trim where there is separation. Two brushes on the sides, and one in the mess. If you can manage without a brush, you can remove it.


The back of the T-part lace wig has an adjustable lash to help your head change according to the circuit so that the wig is firm, it won’t slip when you compliment the owner.

T part lace wig features

A typical 13×6 T part lace wig has only a 13×6 “T” shaped isolated area and the different areas are machine made. It’s a commitment to make lace wigs more sensible and at the same time a long important separation. If you are not using your coin collection on lace wig, you can choose T-Part lace wig.

Due to the “T” growth of the wig cap, only the trim along the edge. Also, the point of separation is a proper part line, so you can’t loosen your T-part lace wig. Regardless, you can adjust your split location on evawigs.com to the left, focus or hat conservative.

Go ahead and tie your head to the T-ear tabs, to be honest and brilliant, first arrange the part with the sync band around your head and attach the slide to the back of the wig.


Step 2. Apply paste with border.

Use foundation to make it as different as possible, you can just apply a little foundation on the right side under the wig or above the hairline local and it will help you to provide security.

Step 3. Remove the hair line
If in spite of everything that has not been removed from all sides. rest of the hair farthest Using the extract to separate the clean framework line, create a sensible space between the and the young hair to make it shinier.

If you don’t even have the trace to separate this unit, leave a spotless area between the hairline

Step 4. Save the baby’s hair.

It seems like a stage everyone can take about the present, some people hate baby hair, maybe not part of baby hair design yet assuming you Really want to help your wig look more normal.

Step 5. Apply two powders along the border and splitting.

Use powder and spot powder after short hair between baby hair and the rest of the hair. You can see it extraordinarily closely. Smooth growth is much better than your face.

STEP7. Apply a gel and use a hot brush in front of and parting your hair line.

It may be a small thing but its effect is the universe, it gives you the appearance of growing from the type of head instead of the hair being basically equal and dull and everything falls on your face and for a while After the hot brush the most. The high purpose in your hair fixes your wig which is significantly more superficial, basically more reliable and looks significantly more normal.

These methods are basic when using a T-part lace wig considering that customization is limited to this type of unit and character is an important part of removing your wig.