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The Spotlight – Designer Saverio Pisano’s Past, Present, and Future



The Spotlight – Designer Saverio Pisano’s Past, Present, and Future

Fashion designer and custom tailor Saverio Pisano has dedicated his life’s work to the perfect pattern that ultimately creates a unique timeless style.  His international career spans from Milan to Paris and Buenos Aires to Los Angeles where he has dressed fans of his custom apparel for decades.  Over his storied career, Pisano has not focused on fashion trends but the client and how they wish to present themselves.  Today, from his custom clothing and tailoring studio in Los Angeles, he discusses the past, present and future of his efforts.

PAST: Discovering His Passion

Pisano began his training in Italy at the age of 5 ½ years old.  He often describes how his grandmother and mother decided that he would become a tailor since that was a profession that was always in demand.  Although he was initially disappointed that this meant afternoons with the local tailor that would train him and not with friends outside, over time he understood that this was actually an ideal profession for his perfectionist personality. Within a few years, Pisano was attempting to correct the tailor and by the age of seven, he had made his first pair of pants.  “The absolute thrill in creating a pair of pants that used my greatest efforts and utmost abilities is a feeling that I will never forget. It felt like a major accomplishment and solidified my passion, even at such a young age, that I wanted to be creative and show my artistry through fashion,” explains Pisano as he reminisces about his beginnings.

At the age of 14 years old, Pisano moved to Milan to pursue further studies in fashion and at 18 years old he moved to Paris to attend the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.  But it was in Buenos Aires, Argentina that his career truly took off.  Meeting the woman that would later become his wife, she encouraged him to open a fashion school, called PISANO, so that he could share his knowledge and understanding of his artistry.  Pisano explains how his wife was a force in his success, “I am more of an artist and my wife has an excellent mind for business. She encouraged me to open my successful fashion school and she also helped me find my passion for teaching and encouraged me to write my book, ‘The Pattern Bible’.” It was in Argentina that Pisano’s designs became popular with socialites, first ladies, heads of state, and politicians throughout South America.  Magazines began to cover his timeless style and word of mouth led to a thriving studio.

PRESENT: A Dedication to Timeless Style

Saverio Pisano moved to Los Angeles to live closer to his son who had relocated for a career change.  Quickly, Saverio Pisano’s perfect patterns and ability to create custom garments in two fittings became immensely popular, as did his unique take on timeless style. 

For Pisano, timeless style is made up of classic, essential pieces, that are perfectly tailored and never look dated.  The custom garments are universally flattering, comfortable, and make excellent investments. “When a person is wearing a tailored garment by me it can be emotionally powerful. The impact is based on how the person carries themselves in the clothes they wear. We can instantly tell if the clothes are wearing the person or if the person is wearing the clothes. The secret is in the patternmaking of the garment and the work that is done by hand,” says Pisano.

Pisano is creative and spiritual like many artists and is focused on the study of anatomy and the process of discovering ways to design garments that enhanced the parts of the body that clients wanted and visually transformed the parts that they do not like.  He also believes that it is the people that change and not the fashion styles that should be a trend.  Every season a new fashion trend is born that is diverse with details that are meant to stand out with a true personality of the creator. People who seek custom garments and haute couture are eager to be noticed.  The secret to Pisano’s success is how he interprets fashion. An artist that also understands patternmaking has the ability to create timeless works of art that are the vision of the designer and the discerning client.

FUTURE: Continuing the Tradition of Couture

Pisano believes that prêt-à-porter is the future because couture is very complicated. Young designers don’t have the opportunities to learn how to sew by hand and the costs have risen so high that it has become almost unattainable.  “Some brands say they are couture, but the truth is the couture is done by hand, and they are not truly couture,” he explains.

The future for Saverio Pisano shows no signs of slowing down.  He is working on the sequel to his book “The Tailoring Bible” which is a step by step guide to measuring and creating the perfect pattern.  Early on in his career, Pisano realized that the biggest problem with clients is that there were too many repeated fittings.  Busy clients became impatient and that is why he has dedicated the future to teaching the necessary techniques to avoid fitting after fitting. He believes that it is important to put all of his knowledge in a book that can be shared around the world. “My greatest piece of advice before making a pattern is to study with the highest level of attention.  The time that is spent making a pattern may seem like an inconvenience, but it is not.  It is a system that will result in the ultimate custom garment,” he says.

Pisano is also focused on his Los Angeles studio where he works each day. Being based in Los Angeles is considered a blessing by the custom tailor since he is able to produce the same level of stylish garments that have been worn throughout the world by celebrities and high society.