We have had solar panels on our roof for some years and all is working well. Last week we received a letter from the British Trading Solar Association warning us that the five-year warranty on our inverter was due to expire. It invited us to book a free health check and service. I have never heard of the BTSA and it did not install our system. Can you shed any light on this?
, London

In March this year the Microgeneration Certification Scheme issued a warning about these letters, and told people to bin them. They appear to be a ruse to get people to sign up to unnecessary services or similar. I’d suggest you follow this advice.

And SS from Lichfield says readers should also be aware of a fake TV licence email that is doing the rounds. It invites recipients to update their bank details via a link embedded in the email.

There have been lots of letters going out recently from the actual TV Licensing body concerning the ending of free licences for the over-75s.

As ever, be wary of any web link in an email, however official it looks.

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