Titles Leaving Netflix UK in June 2019



We’re almost halfway through the year now and we’ve seen plenty of titles come and go on Netflix UK. Unfortunately, it’s that time again to approach the latter and take a look at all the latest titles scheduled to leave Netflix UK in June 2019.

There are no big titles scheduled to leave Netflix UK as of yet, but we expect to know more soon. We’re still tracking what’s leaving Netflix UK in May so make sure your favorite title isn’t leaving soon…

Of the titles currently up for renewal, there is a very large amount of K-Dramas, much to the dismay of fans. There’s still time for Netflix to renew and it wouldn’t be surprising to see some of those titles return soon.

Note: This article is ongoing and therefore doesn’t represent the full list. New titles get announced for removal roughly 30 days beforehand plus an additional list is provided by Netflix towards the end of the proceeding month.

The Full List of Titles Leaving Netflix UK in June 2019

June 13th

  • I Own Australia’s Best Home (Season 1)
  • I Own Britain’s Best Home (Season 1)
  • Martha Bakes (Season 2)
  • Project Runway: Junior (Season 2)
  • The Art Of (Season 1)
  • The Fashion Fund (Season 1)

June 14th

  • After the Raves (Season 1)
  • Liquid Science (Season 1)
  • Screenland (Season 1)
  • Social Fabric (Season 1)
  • The Horn (Season 1)
  • The Road Trick (Season 1)

June 15th

  • Let’s Eat (Season 1)
  • Let’s Eat 2 (Season 1)

June 17th

  • Bad Guys (Season 1)
  • In Need of Romance (Season 1)
  • In Need of Romance 2012 (Season 1)
  • In Need of Romance 3 (Season 1)
  • It’s Okay, That’s Love (Season 1)
  • Misaeng (Season 1)
  • Reply 1994 (Season 1)
  • Reply 1997 (Season 1)

Which title would you like to stay on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!


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