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Is Princess Polly Fast Fashion?


Princess Polly is an Australian fashion brand that sells a range of fun clothing for women. The brand’s active social media presence is well known for its affordable prices and fast delivery. While it doesn’t make any claims about being carbon neutral, Princess Polly is committed to reducing its ecological footprint and sustainably producing its products. It sources its products from manufacturers in the United States and China, but it also ships its items worldwide.

Princess Polly was founded in Australia in 2005 and has since expanded to the United States. Today, the company operates several stores, both in-store and online. Although its main focus is on swimwear, the company also offers a wide selection of dresses, shoes, and accessories. Most clothing is made from synthetic materials, although some are made from more eco-friendly materials.

A significant benefit of the company is the wide variety of styles and cuts, which means the consumer has a lot of options to choose from. Many of the dresses are designed with an adjustable waist, as well as drawstrings that help lengthen or shorten the skirt. Some dresses come with a sweetheart neckline or an underwire. For example, the Novella Mini Dress has an underwire, and it’s lined around the bust.

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Although Princess Polly doesn’t publicly disclose where its products are manufactured, the company does publish its annual code of conduct statement. It also has an “Earth Club” collection of low-impact products, such as denim jackets. These products are manufactured using unique tags and have a minimum environmental impact.

However, thousands of pieces of clothing still need to be produced sustainably. Among them, the company has received several complaints about quality. They have also reported receiving several orders that have yet to be delivered or have been missing. Several buyers have noted that sizing issues have also been noted.

Despite being a relatively young brand, Princess Polly has established itself as a strong competitor to the likes of J Crew and Shein. It has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and sponsors many influencer hauls.

One of the biggest problems with the brand is that it needs to disclose where its garments are manufactured. While it does work with 58 Chinese factories, the company needs to provide full transparency of supplier policies and practices.

Another problem with the company is its need for more information about greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain. It doesn’t even mention the emissions of its direct operations on its website.

Princess Polly’s main competitors are a few other fast fashion brands, including Madewell, J Crew, and Shein. Unfortunately, all three brands are not entirely environmentally friendly, but they offer a more sustainable clothing line than Princess Polly.

Princess Polly has begun to improve, but she has a long way to go. With more sustainable clothing, the company can massively reduce its environmental impact and map its supply chain to show how it does it. But the company’s efforts to improve its sustainability are still in the early stages, and it may take years to meet its target.

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