White House didn’t deny Trump had made comments about pardons for aides who broke the law to get the border wall built

9.52pm BST

An NBC News reporter noted that the Trump administration’s new policy, which would keep the children of US service members born overseas from qualifying for automatic citizenship, would have affected a very famous senator.

So under such a rule, @SenJohnMcCain, son and grandson of Navy admirals, born in Panama 83 years ago tomorrow would not have been automatically a US citizen. https://t.co/SrFsK6OVml

Have to think this is going to have a pretty gnarly impact on retention… https://t.co/d1F3ztF37I

9.45pm BST

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke condemned the move by the Trump administration to no longer allow children of US service members born overseas to qualify for automatic citizenship.

This is how President Trump honors the bravery and sacrifice of our service members. https://t.co/gnK8i0zKPS

The Trump Administration continues to reach a new low. This policy change is an insult to our service members. https://t.co/ET29l8gk5E

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