Trump policy to penalise green card applicants who use public benefits – live | US news



The policy will take effect in about two months, according to a filing of the policy in the Federal Register.

The proposed version of the rule was released in September, and it received thousands of public comments online, many of which were critical of the policy. …

The Immigration and Nationality Act has long allowed the government to deny permanent residency to immigrants who were determined to be a financial burden on society or a ‘public charge’ — meaning they’re dependent on the government for financial support.

The new rule would alter how the government decides if someone is a public charge.

Last year, researchers said the proposed version of the rule would have a serious impact on immigrants, regardless of whether they were impacted by the policy.

‘Numerous studies, by MPI and others, have found the rule would result in disenrollment from public benefits programs by many immigrants, including those not directly affected by the rule, as well as U.S.-born dependents,’ read a report released by the Migration Policy Institute. ‘Already, there are anecdotal reports by service providers of people disenrolling from public benefit programs amid fear or confusion about the rule.’