Trump urges Israel to block entry of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – live



3.33pm BST

Former Israeli diplomats encouraged the prime minister to allow Tlaib and Omar to visit, arguing that giving in to Trump’s requests would display weakness:

Of course, the opposite is true. It would show great strength and confidence for Israel to allow a visit, even by those who disagree with us. Especially members of the United States Congress.

3. …when your self-righteous indignation dictates your state of mind and actions, when you think youudoing a favor to your Bro President Trump. Embrace? Yes. Embrace and engage Omar and Tlaib, show them where they are wrong or have a partial and skewed perception of reality.

3.26pm BST

A report emerged last week that Trump had told advisers he wanted Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to block the visit by Tlaib and Omar.

Axios reported:

Trump has told U.S. advisers, including senior Trump administration officials, that Israel should bar Omar and Tlaib’s entry because the two congresswomen favor a boycott of Israel, according to sources familiar with Trump’s private comments. In 2017, Israel’s parliament passed a law requiring the interior minister to block foreign nationals from entering Israel if they have supported boycotting the Jewish state. …

Trump said that if Omar and Tlaib wanted to boycott Israel, ‘then Israel should boycott them,’ according to a source with direct knowledge.

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