US Open men's semi-final: Daniil Medvedev v Grigor Dimitrov – live!



9.17pm BST

Two minutes to go. So there’s just enough time to talk tactics. You might think Medvedev would play a game of all-out aggression given his 6ft 6in frame, but he’s more Djokovician in style, playing a game of defence and offence, based on his excellent movement. If he’s feeling well physically, he’ll try to grind Dimitrov down in lengthy rallies, so Dimitrov will need to be aggressive, come to the net, and mix it up by showing all the talent he possesses but has not always shown. However in the quarter-finals an injured Medvedev shortened the points, rushed the net and took the ball early, which upset Wawrinka – and a similar approach today could also be disorientating for Dimitrov.

9.14pm BST

Tik, tok, tikity, tok, they’re warming up. Despite it being only 4.14pm in New York, this feels as if it’s a night match given how dark it is. The atmosphere is also pretty rowdy under the roof.

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