What hairstyles suit blondes


What hairstyles suit blondes for looking attractive


We all have a favorite blonde, whether a friend, a celebrity or even YOU! To help you find your next bombshell look, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite shades of long blonde hairstyles. Do you want to go blonde but don’t want to commit? To lighten up, ask your stylist to add a few ‘blondies.’


Blonde box braids are a protective braiding style distinguished by square or box-shaped divisions and blonde color. There are many different ways to wear box braids that are edgy and unique, but going blonde outshines them all!


Amarie, a Chicago braider, and hairstylist, wears her blonde pleats in various looks, including Dishwater with Beachy Waves, One-Length Caramel, and Glossy Ash Blonde Waves; demonstrating the versatility of this protective style!

All you have to do is moisturize and protect those gorgeous strands while you sleep to keep this low-maintenance hairstyle looking great! If you follow these instructions religiously, you can get a fantastic African-inspired hairdo for ten weeks.


Blonde hair can be challenging to maintain, but you can use a few tricks to keep it looking like it just came out of the salon. Blondes have more fun, but let’s be honest: blonde hair can be a pain to maintain. Not only can natural elements (like water, the sun, and air pollution) turn your hair brassy, but over-styling and over-processing can also make your hair dry and prone to breakage! On the Blondw blog, you can read more about blond hair and how to make it more stylish and appealing.

10 blond hairstyle ideas to inspire you


Beachy Waves in Dishwater

Optical density is ensured by darker blonde fine hair with platinum blonde flashes. It’s simple to make the barely-there wavy texture without using heat tools. Allow to air dry after twisting strands into a pair of high buns after showering. Then let your hair down and tousle it.


Platinum and silky smooth

Dark roots are a fashionable way to save money on salon maintenance for complex shades. Straight hair styled in free-flowing long blonde hairstyles looks excellent with blended roots and lengths. Finish with a dab of Argan oil to give your strands that unique sheen.


Caramel with a One-Length Length

This rich sandy shade is luscious! Blonde hair doesn’t have to be platinum to be beautiful; The color with subtle highlights, paired with a one-length cut, creates gorgeous minimalism. Although it’s common for girls with thick hair to break it up, there’s nothing wrong with flaunting fullness.


Cut Sandy Waist-Length 

A long mane, also known as mermaid’s hair, is difficult to grow out but oh-so-beautiful, especially in a flaxen tone. Subtle color is best because you want to maximize growth while minimizing damage. Cute, beachy waves provide a free-spirited finish.


Blonde Highlights in a Classic Style

The softly feathered ends of this layered look are highlighted by a mix of tones in vertical lines. For a smooth surface with flicked tips, use a large round brush. The juxtaposition of a few lowlights can make blonde hair appear brighter overall.



Layered Blonde with Balayage

Many women lust after healthy, lustrous strands with a flaxen hue. A great way to achieve it is with hand-painted brightness that intensifies towards the ends. Combine a middle part with soft curtains of face-framing layers to enhance the flow.


Waves of Glossy Ash Blonde

Long blonde hair looks sophisticated in excellent hues like this one, which has a pearly sheen. The sleek low-volume shape and deep undulations give the simple cut a modern twist. Curl the long strands to provide the minimal layers some form.


Angled Butter Ombre

The face-framing edge of this cute blonde look is painted pale gold. Shorter pieces are kept to the front instead of being layered throughout, adding weight and reducing volume. The bright color and the center section have a bohemian vibe to them.



Champagne Blonde Coiled

Give your hair a bouncy effervescence with a French wine-inspired color. Using a large curling iron, create lovely coils. Then, gently separate ringlets with your fingers instead of using a comb or brush. For a romantic finish, twist and pin a large crown section.


Long Rooty Layers

It doesn’t have to be boring to have long, fair hair. A stunning effect is achieved by combining chocolatey roots with blonde layers. Instead of a gradual transition from dark to light, this application uses finely woven overlapping highlights and lowlights to blend high contrast shades. A sleek finish emphasizes the complexity.