What is the Advantage of Silicone Doll?


What is the Advantage of Silicone Doll?

The sex doll industry has boomed and changed a lot over the years. Advances in technology have resulted in sex dolls that are almost lifelike.

When it comes to the manufacture of silicone sex dolls, the two most commonly used materials are the TPE plastic and silicone. While TPE doesn’t come cheap, high-end silicone dolls can be eye-wateringly expensive with the head of a silicone sex doll alone costing as much as $1,000. Yet, the trend in the industry is towards silicone sex dolls. Why are silicone love dolls becoming so popular? What are some of their advantages?

The Rising Popularity of Silicone Sex Dolls

While silicone sex dolls still account for just 10% of the sex doll market, their growing popularity is hard to ignore. In the past, the uptake in the silicone dolls was limited by the pricing and manufacturing technique. Compared to TPE, for instance, silicone still feels a little harder. It can be made softer through manufacturing technique although this drives up the cost of production. Still, silicone sex dolls can still be pinched although there will be a noticeable hardness compared to TPE plastic.

In spite of this, silicone sex dolls constitute the premium end of the sex doll market and are thus highly prized. Only 10% of sex dolls are made from silicone material while 90% are made from the more accessible TPE material. As a result, the silicone sex dolls constitute the higher end of the sex dolls market. Here are some of the top reasons why.

Silicone is an Environmentally Friendly Material

While the silicone material is not biodegradable, it is still regarded as a more sustainable material compared to the TPE plastic. Silicone will not degrade into numerous small pieces and is therefore not only earth friendly but also ocean friendly.

The silicone material also lasts longer than the plastic TPE and is not toxic. The material is also recyclable. No one wants to simply dump their sex toys in the recycling bins and there are plenty of sex toy recycling programs that you can use to recycle both your silicone and TPE sex toys. Silicone is also a very body-safe material; it’s not for nothing that it is even used in breast implants!

Silicone More Realistic than TPE

Thanks to Silicone, you can now have a hyper-realistic sex dolls that looks almost like a real woman! This lifelike quality makes sex really enjoyable with the silicone dolls. The doll will be wiggling and moving in a realistic manner and almost imitating having a sexual intercourse with a real woman. The silicone sex doll has more to give and has an elastic quality to it. You can even put them in various sex positions to satisfy your wildest sexual and sensual fantasy. They feel soft and human-like, too, although TPE tends to be softer.

Silicone sex doll means less oil on the skin

One of the major issues people have with TPE sex dolls is that they ‘sweat’ oil and are oily on the surface. The oiliness in the TPE depends on the material used in making the physical doll. Many manufacturers add the oil as part of the TPE formulation to act as a plasticizer and help cut down on the viscosity of the SBS which makes it easier to plasticize during the manufacturing process. If the oil content is higher in the formulation, the TPE material will be softer, resulting in softer sex dolls. This oil is, however, washable in the shower or by using a shower gel. With silicone sex dolls, you don’t have to grapple with this oiliness as your love doll won’t be oozing oil during the sexual intercourse.


Although the weight of a specific silicone sex doll varies depending on the craftsmanship of the manufacturer as well as their liner level, a silicone sex doll with the same volume will be heavier than a TPE sex doll. The weightiness can be an advantage as it adds to the realistic quality of the sex doll.

Implanted hair on sex doll head

Unlike TPE sex dolls that don wigs, Silicone sex dolls have realistic hair implants that look and feel just like that of a real human. The hair implants create a realistic feminine replica capable of meeting the psycho-sexual needs of most people. The long hair implants closely resemble those of the beautiful women of your dreams and gives you the real feeling. This feeling of real hair is not just practical from a handling expensive but it will also drive you to a climax and give you maximum sexual pleasure.

Multi-makeup and no fading

Silicone dolls easily lend themselves to customizable makeup applications. Regardless of the type of doll you have or where you buy them from, at some point, you will need to do makeup on your doll to make her look good so she can satisfy your sexual fantasies even better. Some doll owners even derive pleasure from the makeup application itself. Although you won’t probably need a foundation since your silicone sex doll already has the perfect complexion, you can apply several other makeups on your silicone doll including eyelash glue, cheekbone powder, eyeliners, and lipstick. With silicone sex dolls, the makeup application is not only easy but it brings out a hyper-realistic effect, making your sex dolls look almost lifelike. You can also remove the makeup from your lifelike sex doll easily using a makeup remover in order to restore the love doll to its pristine and original appearance.