What’s Hot on Netflix This Week (July 17th, 2019)



Stranger Things season 3 retains top spot

It’s time to look at what’s hot and popular on Netflix right now. As may know, Netflix is a bit of a stickler when it comes to releasing their statistics which makes it hard to see what’s hot at the moment. We’ve got several sources, however, that allows us to get an insight into what’s trending right now. 

As always, this data comes from a variety of sources and therefore is ridiculously unscientific. However, it may just lead you to your next binge so is well worth covering.

If you missed last weeks most popular list, go and check it out now.

What’s Popular on Netflix UK This Week

Every Wednesday, Netflix UK publishes its list of the top 10 most-watched new titles on the service for that week. Unlike when it first started the lists, it only now publishes the top 10 overall list.

Still, hopefully, this trend sticks and other regions begin to take part.

As you can see, Stranger Things dominates this list too. After which breaks in at number 2 is the movie release of After which came exclusively to Netflix some regions this week.

  1. Stranger Things
  2. After
  3. Point Blank
  4. Jane The Virgin
  5. Shaft
  6. Glee
  7. Derry Girls
  8. Creed II
  9. Family Reunion
  10. The Hunger Games

What’s on Netflix Most Popular in the Last 7 Days

Every day, our what’s popular on Netflix section that’s attached to our new releases page gets updated with a weighted average on what readers of our site are clicking out to.

This week, Point Blank ranked second which is the new movie starring Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie. In at the number 1 spot is one of the many documentary series that got re-added to Netflix this week.

  1. History’s Greatest Hoaxes
  2. Point Blank
  3. Encounters with Evil
  4. Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein
  5. Smart People
  6. PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons
  7. Black & Privileged
  8. Age Gap Love
  9. Blown Away
  10. The Princess and the Frog


IMDb is the biggest movie database in the world and every week, we take a snapshot of what’s on their top list and where titles that are streaming on Netflix rank.

No surprise that Stranger Things has once again retained top rank this week but big movie releases have pushed other titles back.

  1. Stranger Things (ranks #1)
  2. Dark (ranks #8)
  3. Black Mirror (ranks #16)
  4. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (ranks #21)
  5. The Witcher (ranks #23)
  6. Lucifer (ranks #24)
  7. After (ranks #25)
  8. The 100 (ranks #31)
  9. Outlander (ranks #35)
  10. Peaky Blinders (ranks #37)

TVTime Binge Report

Every week, the TV tracking TVTime releases their list of the top 10 titles.

Note: this report covers global releases and is for the dates between July 8th and July 14th.

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Lucifer
  3. Friends
  4. Glee
  5. Dark
  6. The Big Bang Theory (not available in US)
  7. The 100
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (not available in US)
  9. Grey’s Anatomy
  10. Riverdale

There you have it. What are you watching on Netflix this week? Let us know down below.


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