What’s New on Netflix: July 15th, 2019



God Eater is now on Netflix- Aniplex

It’s the start of a new week and Netflix has seven brand new titles to kickstart the week with. Usually, the 15th of the month will see quite a few titles added but that’s not the case today although Netflix has entered into a deal with Aniplex of America given quite a few of their anime titles added to Netflix today. 

Only two of the titles that were added to Netflix today were pre-announced so as always, keep an eye on our what’s new on Netflix section for up to date information on all the new releases. Also, take a look at our preview of everything coming to Netflix this week.

Now let’s take you through some of the highlights of what’s new on Netflix today but do remember, it’s anime heavy.

Angel Beats! (Season 1)

Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Cast: Hiroshi Kamiya, Harumi Sakurai, Kana Hanazawa, Ryohei Kimura
Language: Japanese

16 episodes arrived today of the 2010 series of Angel Beats!. The series sees us travel to an afterlife high school and the battles that takes place inside.

God Eater (Season 1)

Genre: Animation, Action, Sci-Fi
Cast: Tomohisa Asô, Kira Buckland, Robbie Daymond, Dorah Fine
Language: Japanese

13 episodes of this 2015 series arrived on Netflix today for the first time. The series set far into the future sees the world in chaos and mostly destroyed and is about a squad of people fighting the monsters that ravaged the world.

Grizzy & les Lemmings

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Cast: Pierre-Alain de Garrigues, Josselin Charier
Runtime: 7 min

This animated series from France is about a Grizzly bear from the Canadian forest living alongside his little lemmings.

78 episodes averaging 7 minutes a piece dropped on Netflix today.

Full list of new Netflix Releases for July 15th

2 New Movies Added Today

  • Bogda (2018)
  • Love Shot (2018)

5 New TV Series Today

  • Angel Beats! (1 Season)
  • Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Season 1)
  • God Eater (Season 1)
  • GRANBLUE FANTASY the Animation (Season 1)
  • Grizzy & les Lemmings (Season 1)

What Left Netflix Today (July 15th)

  • Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction?
    The Immigrant


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