Why You Should Go Nude (on Your Nails)


Why You Should Go Nude (on Your Nails)


When it comes to getting your nails done, choosing a color is probably the most difficult choice. Some colors suit certain seasons and moods or may only look good with so many outfits. On Monday you may be feeling a bright pink, but as Thursday rolls around, you’re over it. The solution? We think you should go nude — on your nails, that is. Whether you’re going to a special event, on a tropical vacation, or just giving yourself a little self-care, a good shade of nude will suit any style or mood. Here are five reasons why you should ditch that bold red at your next salon visit and go nude instead. 


Matches Every Outfit

A good nude nail is incredibly chic and literally goes with everything — there isn’t a single outfit that doesn’t work with nude nails. With a nude nail, gone are the days you need to plan your outfits around a bold nail color. Nude is also a great color choice for long holidays or vacations to ensure your nails are never mismatched with any attire you’ve packed and any unsightly chips won’t be as noticeable. 


Never Goes Out of Style

Not only does nude go with every ensemble in your closet, it also never goes out of style. While that deep red may be more suitable for winter or fall than spring, or that bold blue is currently trending this season but out the next, a nude nail works all year round and will always be fashionable and trendy. Take out the guesswork for choosing a color and go for nude — and bonus, it also won’t go against any office dress codes you may have. 


Extends Your Manicure

When a dark polish chips or starts to grow out, it can be super noticeable, and that’s pretty much the end of your manicure and time to book in for your next nail appointment. One of the great things about a nude nail is that it easily hides chips and regrowth, greatly extending the time in between manicures and pedicures, so you have more time to do the things you want to do instead of booking into the salon to get that nail fixed.


Perfect Canvas For Nail Art

A quick scroll through Instagram will show you that nail art is all the rage right now, and the great thing about a nude nail is it makes the perfect canvas for endless options of nail art. Spice up a simple nude nail with sparkles, a geometric design, lines, flowers, or trending symbols of your choice. You’ll never have to worry that your base color won’t match your nail art, and it will be subtle enough to suit any office dress code. 


It’s All About the Shape

A great nude nail allows the shape of the nail to be the focal point of your manicure — square, round, oval, squoval, almond, coffin, or a dramatic stiletto. For those that feel a nude nail isn’t exciting, a nude stiletto is anything but boring. A long, perfectly shaped nude nail can be super elegant and ultra-chic, and a nude polish looks stunning on any shape or length you choose. For a more dramatic vibe, go for a coffin or stiletto, while an almond or oval airs on the classic and sophisticated side. 


Choosing the Perfect Shade of Nude

When it comes to the perfect shade of nude, there’s definitely no one color that fits all. To find the right nude for you, it’s important to be aware of your skin tone and shade. People typically fall into either warm or cool tones, and then of course there’s fair, medium, olive, tan, deep, and every shade in between. Think of it as picking the perfect foundation for your skin. Those with cooler skin tones tend to have bluish veins while warmer skin tones have greenish veins. For the perfect nude to match your skin tone, it’s best to choose a nude that is one or two shades lighter or darker than your skin, then choose a shade with warm or cool undertones depending on the undertones of your skin. At your next salon visit, ask your nail tech for SNS, which has an endless range of nudes in both gel and dip powder.