10 Steps to Divorcing With Dignity and Respect


10 Steps to Divorcing With Dignity and Respect

If you get divorced, it doesn’t have to be full of anger, resentment, hatred, nasty words, and deeds. This is the end of your marriage but not life, so why not honor what you once had and get separated respectfully. By divorcing with dignity you express gratitude to each other and grant blessing for a happy life afterward. Although it may be challenging to close your eyes to the negativity your divorce is connected with, the amicable separation and appropriate closure will allow you to start a new page in your life with peace and success.

Give/Take the Time

When one partner decides to file for divorce in GA online or hand papers to the local office, another one deserves the time to take and digest the news.

If you initiated the divorce, you have been thinking it over for a decent time while your partner hasn’t had such an opportunity. Be kind and understanding to grant this time to them. On the contrary, if you are the one to be shocked about your soulmate’s decision. Ask and take some time to analyze and realize the state of things, but don’t do anything within the storm of first emotions.

Prevent the Destructive Mode

No matter how baffled and depressed you are about the divorce; there is no reason to slip into a destructive mode. Understand that neither tons of junk food nor bottles of alcohol will make your situation better. You will only bring damage to your health.

The same goes for your destructive behavior. Aiming to destroy the life of your soon-to-be-ex, you will only end up screwing your own life. Instead, stick to a healthy lifestyle and nurture mental and emotional balance to take and overcome the divorce with dignity and beneficial outcomes.

Cherish The Good

In order to terminate your marriage with dignity and respect, it is vital to concentrate on everything positive that occurred in your mutual life.  It may be challenging with you being blinded by the bitterness of divorce, but you have to pull up your strength to recall and cherish all the good in your relationships. Funny moments, romantic evenings, secret words, old photos, special places. Everything that makes you feel warm and happy because it happened to you will help you end your marriage without confrontation.

Practice Forgiveness

Practicing forgiveness is another step to a civilized divorce. If you manage to forgive each other for ending your relationships, it will be easier for you to move on with a positive memory. You have to realize that your partner doesn’t have any feelings for you, so that you cannot keep your marriage working anymore. It is better to forgive and let them go to have enough space to create your own happy life.

Express Gratitude

Don’t hold on to the negative feelings, be grateful for what you have had together. Even if you are offended and feel sorrow about your marriage being finalized with a divorce, you can still find the reason to thank your partner. For what you have gone through together, for years of support, for kids who wouldn’t have existed without your ex.  If you think everything thoroughly, you will manage to end up your relationships positively.

Make Logical Closure

The same way you have started your union officially, you need to make logical closure in the end. The civilized separation is not only about signing papers but sorting out all the things together. It would be great if you have a chance for a farewell talk, letter, or call. It will allow you to analyze your marriage and divorce and express your final thoughts to conclude one step of your life and move to the next one.

Come to Fair Agreement

If you wonder how to handle a breakup with dignity, any expert will advise you of an amicable divorce. When agreeing on divorce conditions, be fair with yourself and your partner. Aim for equitable distribution of all the rights, debts, and properties. Care not only about your post-divorce wellness but about your kids’ and your ex’s as well. In memory and honor of all good that happened between you, opt for a fair agreement and conscious uncoupling.

Care about Your Children

It is not only about custody that you need to care about your children in divorce. Respect their right and wish to see and interact with another parent and supply them with the possibility to do so. Never put your children in the middle of your fights. Don’t play or manipulate their feelings to win over your ex. You will only harm your kids and lose everything in the end. So, prioritize your kids and their wellness to get divorced with dignity.

Get Assistance

No one forces you to cope with all the divorce challenges on your own. You may wish to end up your relationships in the most civilized way but may lack energy, enthusiasm, or ideas for it. This is where you don’t need to be afraid or ashamed to ask for assistance. A family counselor, relationship coach, a mediator will assist you in separating without confrontation and in a mutually beneficial way.

Stay on Good Terms

Divorcing with dignity also means staying on good terms with your ex after you part. It doesn’t oblige you to become good friends or to communicate often. You can support formal relationships in honor of everything good that you used to have. This will deprive you of post-divorce anger, embarrassment, or disgust when you accidentally face your former partner after divorce.

Getting divorced doesn’t mean becoming enemies. Civilized uncoupling will allow you to eliminate excessive negative feelings and associations, have logical closure of your relationships and move confidently to the next stage in your life.