11 Tips For Growing Your Lashes Longer



Is your mascara wearing off before lunch? Does your eyelash curler always seem to break the hairs instead of curling them? Don’t worry! There are a few things you can do at home to make sure that next time you look in the mirror, you’ll see lashes as long as they should be. We’ve got 10 tips for growing longer lashes, so don’t forget to read on!


  1. Use an Eyelash Curler: It might sound counter-productive, but using an eyelash curler will actually help protect against breaking and splitting hair. If it is too tight or uncomfortable, then try opening up the space between the top and bottom plate (it should be adjustable) and see if that helps. Besides, who doesn’t want longer, fuller lashes? You can get the best eyelash products at Lashify, so make sure to check them out.

If your lashes are already damaged, don’t worry! There’s still hope! It might be time for a lash-growth serum like the ones they use in salons (but not as expensive) that will help to grow longer and stronger hair. These serums work by targeting inactive cells at the root of each individual.

  1. Apply castor oil: A few drops of castor oil applied to your lashes overnight will work its magic on them! It has nourishing properties that help with growth and shine, so after just a couple of days, you’ll notice the difference. Castor oil also helps to thicken the lashes, making them appear longer. It is important to note that the oil can dry out and irritate your eyes if too much is applied. So remember, less is more!
  2. Lash serum: A lash serum can be found at a beauty supply store or anywhere you would normally buy makeup. They are generally affordable but range in price depending on brand and quality of ingredients used, among other things. Ensure to do a patch test first before applying it all over, as well as looking for an ingredient list so that you know what’s going on near those precious peepers of yours.

You’ll want to use this once every two weeks, making sure not only the lashes but also under-eye skin has been cleansed beforehand because clogged pores will cause problems with sensitive skin, which could lead to damage.

  1. Olive Oil: Olive oil works very similarly to castor oil. It is rich in protein and vitamin E (another great ingredient for hair growth), which does wonders for lengthening your eyelashes! The antioxidants found within this natural product help reduce damage done by free radicals that might be present due to many factors like pollution or cigarette smoke. Both of these oils are safe enough to use daily and will not cause any irritation on the skin around your eyes, so if they’re feeling a little dry, then definitely apply away!
  2. Use Vaseline as an eyeliner remover: This is especially beneficial if you wear waterproof mascara, which can be difficult (or impossible) to remove. Just place some vaseline over your eyes, leave it there until it has dissolved all of the makeup, then wipe off with cotton pads/balls. You can also apply a small amount of vaseline to your eyelashes before going to bed and then wipe it off in the morning.
  3. The best thing you can do is drink lots of water! Not only does this help with hydration, but drinking plenty will also promote hair growth as well as reduce any puffiness around the eyes, which might be present due to lack of sleep or too much alcohol consumption. You should aim for at least 10 glasses per day – try making one glass less than 100ml so that you’re sure not to miss out on any, even if you forget a few times over the course of a busy day!
  4. Don’t forget your eyebrows: If you’re looking after the lashes on your eyes, then don’t neglect those brows! Over-plucking or harsh plucking can lead to sparse eyebrow hairs, which in turn may contribute to thinning eyelashes, so try not to touch them with tweezers too often if you want perfect long lashes. Besides, a nice set of eyebrows can frame the face and bring out those eyes.
  5. Store your false eyelashes in water: When you’re not wearing your false lashes, they need to be looked after too. Storing them in water can help them last longer between wears and also avoid any unnecessary damage that could lead to shorter lashes over time. Moreover, this method can also help remove any dirt or oil build-up that may have accumulated over time.
  6. Massage the roots of your eyelashes with coconut oil: When done daily, this method can help strengthen your lashes and create a fuller effect. It’s also been shown to reduce lash fall out too, so it will leave you with less mascara under the eyes! Plus, it’s a natural remedy, so it doesn’t have any side effects. The elements present in coconut oil can also help prevent breakage and split ends.
  7. Apply aloe vera gel to your lashes: Applying a thin coat of natural, unscented aloe vera gel before bedtime is a great way to grow longer eyelashes naturally overnight! Aloe Vera helps trap moisture for hydrated lashes that are less likely to break. It’s also perfect for people who wear contact lenses as it has natural anti-inflammatory Be sure to use the natural, unscented gel from a plant and not aloe vera that has been scented or altered.
  8. Wash your face with cold water: It might sound like an odd one, but you should try washing your face (especially the eye area) with cold water every morning and night to help stimulate lash growth! The cold water helps the blood flow to your lashes, which encourages hair growth. It also makes your lashes stand up, which is perfect for when you want to curl them!

Conclusion: When you want to grow your lashes, it’s important that the products and treatments you use have natural ingredients so they won’t damage them. Also, make sure to follow these ten tips, and in no time at all, you’ll be able to see lashes that are as long as they should be!