7 Unique Fashionable Summer Birthday Gifts


7 Unique Fashionable Summer Birthday Gifts

Summer birthdays are particularly fabulous. They’re perfect for pool parties, beach bonfires, and of course, delicious tropical drinks to toast the birthday girl! A gift that suits the season will be sure to help your BFF celebrate all summer long. If you’re looking for fashionable summer birthday gifts, these seven will be sure to make a splash—wrapping not included!

#1 A Wine Subscription

It’s not summer unless there’s rosé! Let your friend find their favorite summer wine with a delicious wine-subscription box. Some subscription boxes will let your friend take a flavor-test to help identify new brands she’ll love. Others can deliver a variety of varieties to help turn your birthday BFF into an amateur sommelier! Or, if you know your bestie is a Pinot fanatic, you can choose a wine subscription box that will let her find new favorites.

Include a pair of gorgeous wine glasses in your gift to help send the message that

  1. You love your summer Bday BFF 
  2. She’s going to be getting a lot of use out of these wine glasses 
  3. You’ll be there to help her try every new bottle! 

#2 Super Chic Beach Blanket

It’s hard to stay inside on a perfect summer day when the breeze is just right. Help your summer birthday girl savor the season with a super chic beach blanket. Beach towels are ideal for seaside picnics, sunning in the park, or even hung up during the cooler months like a bohemian tapestry.  

If you want to zhuzh up your gift, you can make the beach blanket the gift wrapping for other picnic or beach themed gifts including:

  • A beach umbrella
  • Super cute flip-flops
  • A bottle of her favorite summer drink
  • A stylish water bottle
  • A classic floppy summer hat
  • Tickets to a resort in the Maldives (a girl can dream!)

#3 A Summer Workout Worthy of a Fairy…Tail

Every little girl shoved her feet through a hair tie and pretended to be a mermaid as she swam in the pool. Let’s be real—that little girl is still alive and well in each of us. Give your BFF the gift of a fantastic ab and leg workout, all while playing under the sea with a workout fin! All she’ll need is the right sea-shell cup bra to complete the look!

#4 A Summer Spa Treatment in a Bottle

Skincare is a timeless gift any birthday girl can appreciate. A bottle of nourishing, and hydrating face lotion will give the gift of perfect summer skin. Whether she’s primping for a night out or a day lounging by the pool, an extra boost of moisturizer will transform her mornings into a mini trip to the spa. When you’re looking for a high-quality moisturizer, keep an eye out for products that are imbued with skin-healthy nutrients like vitamin C, polypeptides, and antioxidants

#5 Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen

Just because the birthday girl is another year older doesn’t mean she has to look it! Mineral sunscreen has taken the skincare world by storm. Unlike the sticky, icky stuff you grew up slathering on during your summer break, mineral sunscreen starts working immediately—so no need to wait for it to “soak in” before diving into the pool. They’re also better for the environment and easy to apply over (and under) makeup.

Give your girl the gift of youthful skin for many more birthdays to come!

#6 Jewelry

No matter the season, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. You can give your friend a little extra shine on her special day with a few classic pieces like:

  • An elegant back necklace to highlight a low-back one-piece
  • Geometric studs for minimalist fashion to the max
  • Classic gold hoop earrings
  • Delicate layering rings
  • An astrological sign bracelet

#7 A Stylish Beach Cover-Up

A beach cover-up is a summer fashion essential for the pool or the sea. If you and your bestie have been sunning or swimming together this season, try and find a beach cover-up that compliments her favorite bikini. She’ll appreciate the thought and get a ton of use out of this stylish gift!

Whether your bestie is a June, July, or August babe, her birthday is a special opportunity to celebrate. Find a gift she’ll never forget, then party like summer will never end!