Berlin Festival Introduces New Section, Perspectives for Film Debuts



The Berlin International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film festivals globally, is set to introduce a new section aimed at shining a spotlight on emerging filmmakers. This exciting addition, known as Perspectives, will offer a prominent platform for debut features, enhancing the festival’s role in discovering new cinematic voices.

What is Perspectives?

Perspectives is a newly established competitive sidebar dedicated to showcasing up to 14 debut feature films. The goal of this section is to provide emerging filmmakers with a more prominent stage to present their work, offering them the recognition and support they deserve as they embark on their careers.

Launch Details

The Perspectives section is scheduled to make its debut in 2025, marking a significant part of the Berlinale reboot led by incoming festival director Tricia Tuttle. This initiative reflects the festival’s commitment to evolving and adapting to the changing landscape of the film industry, ensuring it remains a crucial platform for new talent.

Awards and Jury

A major highlight of Perspectives is the best first feature film award, which includes a substantial cash prize of $53,000 (€50,000). This prize will be shared between the producers and directors of the winning film, providing both financial support and recognition. The jury responsible for selecting the winner will consist of three industry professionals, bringing a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to the decision-making process.

Statement by Tricia Tuttle

Tricia Tuttle has outlined her vision for the new section, emphasizing the search for films that showcase a bold and fluent cinematic language. She aims to highlight works that offer arresting perspectives and innovative ways of viewing the world, with a particular focus on representing a genuinely international range of voices.

Previous Award Selection Process

Before the introduction of Perspectives, the best first feature award was selected from debut films across all sections of the festival. This broader approach lacked the dedicated focus that the new section will provide, making Perspectives a significant enhancement in recognizing emerging talent.

Selection Process for Perspectives

The selection process for Perspectives will involve close collaboration between the festival director, the co-directors of film programming, and the heads of the Panorama, Forum, and Generation sidebars. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and inclusive selection process, drawing on a wide range of expertise and perspectives.

Preference for World Premieres

While the festival will prioritize world premieres for the Perspectives section, it will also consider films that have already debuted in their country of origin. This flexibility allows for a broader range of films to be included, ensuring that the best debut features are showcased, regardless of their premiere status.

Impact of Tuttle’s Reshuffling

As part of Tricia Tuttle’s broader reshuffling of the festival, the Berlinale has decided to discontinue the Encounters section, which focused on more experimental cinema. This change reflects a strategic shift towards highlighting debut features through the new Perspectives section, ensuring a clearer focus and more defined platform for emerging filmmakers.


The introduction of the Perspectives section at the Berlin International Film Festival marks a significant step in the festival’s evolution. By providing a dedicated platform for debut features, the Berlinale is reaffirming its commitment to discovering and supporting new cinematic voices. This initiative, led by Tricia Tuttle, promises to bring fresh perspectives and innovative films to the forefront, enriching the festival and the film industry as a whole.


  1. What is the purpose of the Perspectives section?
    • The Perspectives section aims to provide a more prominent platform for emerging filmmakers by showcasing up to 14 debut feature films.
  2. Who is Tricia Tuttle?
    • Tricia Tuttle is the incoming festival director of the Berlin International Film Festival, leading the Berlinale reboot initiative that includes the launch of the Perspectives section.
  3. How are films selected for Perspectives?
    • The selection process involves collaboration between the festival director, the co-directors of film programming, and the heads of the Panorama, Forum, and Generation sidebars.
  4. What happened to the Encounters section?
    • The Encounters section, which focused on more experimental cinema, has been discontinued as part of the festival’s reshuffling led by Tricia Tuttle.
  5. When will Perspectives be launched?
    • The Perspectives section will be launched in 2025, as part of the Berlinale reboot.