Build Up A Collection Of Cuteness With Beanie Boos


Build Up A Collection Of Cuteness With Beanie Boos

For those who were captivated by the sheer cuteness of Beanie Babies, there is another collection that will immediately capture the heart – Beanie Boos. These cute and furry creations from TY Inc. (makers of the original Beenie babies) with their enormous eyes are simply some of the most remarkable collections of pint-sized cuteness that anyone could want – and they are the perfect collectible, not only for the younger members of the family but for anyone, of any age.

The Beanie Boos family was launched in 2009 with only seven members – but that selection overgrew, in fact, at the end of the same year, the popularity of the beany Boos led to the introduction of further variants. The versions continued to evolve, with some versions being retired and others being introduced at regular intervals. For instance, Peanut the Elephant was the first Beanie Boo to be retired – making him one of the most collectible of the entire lineup.

The popularity of Beanie Boos continued to grow at a breakneck pace after the launch, and the toys won the ‘Best Toy award in the Plush category’ in Jacksonville, Florida when they appeared at the ‘Learning Express Convention’ in 2011. That popularity led to TY Inc. continuing to refine and innovate the lineup. In 2012 sparkly-eyed Beanie Boos were introduced – and these were to become standard across the Beanie Boo family. Some of the old favorites were released with this feature. However, in 2017 two ‘solid eye’ new Beanie Boos were released ‘Pixy the Unicorn’ and ‘Wynnie the Parrot.’ 

In 2014 TY Inc. signed a licensing deal with McDonald’s – and the launch of the ‘Teenie” Beanie Boos’ that were packaged with Happy Meals only served to increase the popularity of the figurines with children and collectors alike. That same year McDonald’s launched 15 ‘Teenie Beanie Boos’ in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the toy line’s launch. 

Today there is an enormous number of Beanie Boos available – and collectors also have a choice of sizes that are referred to as ‘Clip (5 inches), regular (6 inches), medium (13 inches), and the large size at 16 inches.

However, fans need not be satisfied with the Beanie Boos themselves. The popularity of the toys has led TY Inc. to introduce a wide variety of other products that leverage its popularity. Buyers can now choose from purses, backpacks, Corona masks kids, and a wide variety of other associated and branded products (including the ‘Squisable-a-Boos’ which take cuteness and huggability to a whole new level).

Given that these collectibles have a ready fan base of both kids and adults, it seems that they will be around for a while – and if the example of Beanie Babies is anything to go by, they will only become more popular and more collectible. For those who want to invest in cuteness (or want to bring a delighted smile to a child), the Beanie Boos tick all the right boxes.