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Jodie Sweetin is a member of Hollywood’s future wave of talented actors. Jodie Sweetin was born on January 19, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, USA, while her biological parents were incarcerated. Because her biological father was 1/4th Native American, the adoption could not be finalized until Jodie was about two years old.


American actress, singer, dancer, and television personality Jodie Sweetin first entered the entertainment industry as a young performer. She made her television debut in 1987 at the age of five in the American sitcom “Valerie.” On January 4 that year, the show’s “Boston Tea Party,” the eleventh episode of Season 2, featured her as Pamela. In 2006, Sweetin and Holguin were divorced. Jodie remarried Morty Coyle in 2012, and the two separated in 2016.


Family friends encouraged Janice to further develop Jodie’s acting skills after being astounded by them, which encouraged Janice to contact a talent agent.


At four, Jodie started working for a hot dog company. She had appeared in a Sizzler advertisement as a little child and was gifted a Lhasa Apso named Lacey by the ad’s producers.


Jodie Sweetin’s physical measures, including her favorite meal, dress size, bra size, breast size, height, weight, and foot size. She also lists her favorite scent and travel location.


Jodie Sweetin Height and Weight

Body measurements for Jodie Sweetin are 37-26-35 inches.

Jodie Sweetin has a 37-inch chest.

Size of Jodie Sweetin’s bra: 37B

Size of Jodie Sweetin’s cup: B

Jodie Sweetin’s Natural Breasts After Breast Surgery

Hourglass Jodie Sweetin body type

Jodie Sweetin’s height is 5′ 7″. (1.68 m)

57 kg is Jodie Sweetin’s weight (126 lbs)

Jodie Sweetin has blue eyes.

26-inch Jodie Sweetin hip measurement

Jodie Sweetin has a 35-inch waist.

Blonde is Jodie Sweetin’s hair color.

White is Jodie Sweetin’s skin color.

Shoe Size for Jodie Sweetin: 4 (US)

Jodie Sweetin’s dress size: 10 (US), 42 (EU), or 14. (UK)



Information about Jodie Sweetin


Birthdate: January 19, 1982

Full Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin as a child

Abbreviations: Sweetin

Work as an actress or singer

Sweetin, Jodie’s Net worth: is around USD 6 million

The father is Sam Sweetin.

Name of mother: Janice Sweetin

Zodiac Symbol: Capricorn

birthplace: United States, Los Angeles, California

United States of America

Christianity: NA

Name of siblings: Unknown

Shaun Holguin, boyfriend (2002-2006)

Cody Herpin (m. 2007–2010) and Morty Coyle (m. 2012–2016) are partners. 2002–2006: Shaun Holguin

Children: Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle and Zoie Laurel May Herpin are daughters.

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Interesting Jodie Sweetin Questions



Jodie Sweetin’s weight ?

57 kg is Jodie Sweetin’s weight (126 lbs).


What is Jodie Sweetin’s height?

Jodie Sweetin is a 5′ 7″ tall person (1.68 m).


What is Anna Kendrick’s net worth?

Jodie Sweetin is estimated to have a net worth of USD 6 million.


What age is Jodie Sweetin currently?

When Anna Kendrick became 39 years old.


What country does Jodie Sweetin represent?

Actress Jodie Sweetin is American.


How big is Jodie Sweetin’s waist?

Jodie Sweetin has a 35-inch waist.


What are Jodie Sweetin’s physical characteristics?

The dimensions of Jodie Sweetin are 30B-23-34 inches.


What is the hip size of Jodie Sweetin?

Twenty-six inches are on Jodie Sweetin’s hips.


What is Jodie Sweetin Bra’s size?

Jodie Sweetin Bara’s size is 37 inches.

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