Melanie Martinez Quotes For Instagram, Emotions, Music, Inspiration


Melanie Martinez Quotes For Instagram, Emotions, Music, Inspiration

Melanie Martinez Quotes For Instagram



  1. “Love every single thing you do when you criticize me for the stupid things I do.”
  2. “It’s not that I’m trying to ask your wife. I’d love to make you mine. However, it isn’t easy to answer. Is this going off funnily?”
  3. “Salty smile when I begin crying. Is it the first? Eat me like apple pie. Make me feel like I’m not going to die.”
  4. “Love me rough and let me fly! I’m up, I’m high-tied me down, and don’t go away from my side. Don’t be a useless waste of my time.”
  5. “You appear to replace your mind with the heart of yours. are so enthralled, and the next thing you know, you’re a mess.”
  6. “I’m pale as the loose-leaf paper that they grow. I’m the hollowing of my lungs into the snow.”





Melanie Martinez quotes on Emotions.


  1. “I’m not adept at writing about happy feelings. I’m used to drawing away from my angry or sad feelings – happy ones are tough for me to convey on the page.” Melanie Martinez
  2. “I’m extremely, very emotionally connected.” Melanie Martinez
  3. “I have noticed that I’m very intense. If I’m fighting anyone, I’ll be super intense and loud and ensure that my voice can be heard.” Melanie Martinez
  4. “I consider that being emotional is something that makes people say you’re not strong. They don’t view you as a strong person, which is odd because the fact that you’re emotional doesn’t have anything to do with strength.” Melanie Martinez
  5. “I believe that every decision made in my daily life is based on emotion which definitely can be a source of pain in certain situations but also helps me in other situations. Writing and other things is my most favorite task because it allows me to utilize all my emotions and let them out through this manner.” Melanie Martinez
  6. “Part of the issue with America is that letting the emotions go is seen as weakness. However, it’s my strength. This allowed me to compose my songs.” Melanie Martinez – Melanie Martinez
  7. “I’m crazy. I’m emotional and emotional; however, I’d rather be me instead of being a robot. This is something I was looking to put out into the world. Particularly with Cry Baby’s story, since this album is dedicated to Cry Baby, but I realized that she and I had the same experience.” Melanie Martinez
  8. “I was always a bit hard on myself for taking things too seriously.” Melanie Martinez

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Melanie Martinez quotes about Music.



  1. “I consider music to be an art, so it’s like painting for me, don’t you think?” – Melanie Martinez.
  2. “Please be aware that I create music to express my feelings, and If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know that I’m completely truthful.” Melanie Martinez
  3. “I’m going to write from my memories, from emotion, or whatever I’m feeling on that particular day.” Melanie Martinez
  4. “I wish my music could be treated like film or book. It’s not only about the single song, but rather the whole picture.” Melanie Martinez
  5. “I’ll always endeavor to create songs that are designed to make people feel more confident about their own.” Melanie Martinez
  6. “I’m content that I don’t have cover anymore since this isn’t what I do.” Melanie Martinez
  7. “Cry Baby’s just one persona in this universe that I’m trying to create, as well as the videos for music are important to me. I’ve been fighting to have all of them to be accepted.” Melanie Martinez
  8. “There are many extremely inspiring artists. However, I’m not sure that they are my favorite me. I don’t have anyone in my mind, which is an idea of the direction I’d like to be in my career as an artist. I’m doing my thing.” Melanie Martinez
  9. “I always attempt, when I’m singing, interpreting them according to how I would’ve placed them. I consider melodies first, then I take out my guitar and begin the song.” Melanie Martinez
  10. “I created a list of scenarios I was facing and then hid the scenarios to disguise them.” Melanie Martinez
  11. “My musical style is like pink baby cake with sprinkles; however, when you cut into it, you’ll find a gooey dark chocolate center.” Melanie Martinez
  12. “I certainly feel that when I release music that portrayed me being vulnerable and vulnerable, people will view my vulnerability as weak. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with being a woman or if it has anything to do with it; however, I’m certain.” Melanie Martinez
  13. “I’ve always been very interested in photography and images that accompany my songs.” Melanie Martinez
  14. “My main goal in life from the time I was 14 years old was to create music that would aid people to recover.” Melanie Martinez



Melanie Martinez Inspirational Quotes


  1. “You make me as building blocks so that you can knock me down.”
  2. “You could crush my candy, Cane, But you’ll probably make me cry.”