Tik Tok Star Hajia Bintu Lifestyle, Surgery, Networth, and Interesting Questions


Tik Tok Star Hajia Bintu Lifestyle, Surgery, Networth, and Interesting Questions


Hajia Bintu Net Worth & Measurements



Hajia Bintu was born on September 15, 1972, in the Adamawa State town of Kafin Madaki. She grew up with her mother and father while also benefiting from the care and love of many other nearby relatives. Her parents were both teachers, her mother at a local primary school and her father at a secondary school built years before Hajia could walk.


Hajia Bintu is unquestionably one of Ghana’s most famous TikTok stars, having amassed a challenging following of over 500,000 in the Chinese video-sharing online media application.



Hajia Bintu is a new designer with a distinct style that combines her passions for fashion and architecture. She recently released her debut collection, “I am not afraid,” which was inspired by the fashions she saw in New York City during Fashion Week and African culture for inspiration on what to incorporate into her designs.


She became excellent friends with one of the young girls living next door named Sadiya, who would later become Hajia’s closest friend throughout childhood when she began helping out around the house with cooking and caring for younger children at a young age.


On the surface, content creation does not pay off; however, we have seen a few stars emerge from that area of focus.


Hajia Bintu, who already has a considerable backside, didn’t waste any time abusing the video-sharing application as she made her record and began transferring her substance.


This fusion of cultures produces a modern and sophisticated look while retaining a unique feel. The lines’ colors are vibrant yet elegant, ranging from vivid purples to seaside blues that complement each other perfectly. Her fabrics include luxurious pieces of cotton and silks, which add a touch of elegance without being too overpowering or pretentious.



She felt empowered by the observers’ responses, remarks, and offers, so she maintained her consistency. One might think she’s another superstar who rose to prominence due to her role in a film, but Hajia Bintu isn’t one of those, as she achieved fame through web-based media platforms.



Surgery on Hajia Bintu

Her doctor stated, “I am a doctor, and I just finished the surgery on Hajia Bintu, who was diagnosed with cancer.” It is my first time performing this type of surgery, which is uncommon in Nigeria.


It’s been challenging but rewarding because I hope this will be useful for future medical professionals or people dealing with this disease. The operation was performed on Monday, April 22, 2018, at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH), Enugu Campus, following a referral from Delta State Government Hospital Abraka, where Dr. Emeka Okoh initially treated her – Head Consultant Radiodiagnosis & Imaging Sciences Department. A group of doctors oversaw her treatment.



Hajia Bintu’s Personal Information



Ghanaian nationality

TikTok Star, brand influencer, makeup artist, model, and entrepreneur

Bintu Hajia $100,000 – $350,000 in net worth (2021)

Name of Father: Unknown

Mother’s Name: Unknown

Sister: Unknown

The names of the siblings are unknown.

Date of Birth: November 30, 1980

Full Naomi Asiamah is her given name.

Hajia Bintu (nickname)

Sagittarius is the Zodiac sign.

Westminster, London, United Kingdom, is where he was born.

Shatta Wale is my boyfriend.

Koforidua Technical University of Education



Favorite Things of Hajia Bintu


The horse is my favorite pet, and my favorite color is purple.

Taylor Swift is my favorite actress.

Football is my favorite sport, and my favorite exercises are jumping, running, and racing.

Gucci is my favorite perfume.

Hobbies include gardening and reading. Reading, photography, and cooking

United is a favorite restaurant. 7 Star

Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends is one of my favorite books.

Rimmel mascara is my favorite makeup product.

Favorite Accessories: Shoes, Jewelry Favorite Destination: Corfu, Greece

Soup is my favorite food, and Miley Cyrus is my famous singer.



Body measurements of Hajia Bintu



Size of Hajia Bintu Cup: B

Hajia Bintu has black eyes.

Hajia Bintu has dark brown hair.

Hajia Bintu’s skin tone is white.

Size of Hajia Bintu’s shoes: 9.5 (US) or 40 (EU)

Size of Hajia Bintu Dress: 4 (US) or 36 (EU)

Hajia Bintu has a plus-size body.

Hajia Bintu is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Weight of Hajia Bintu: 59.5 kg

Hajia Bintu Dimensions: 37-28-35 centimetres

Hajia Bintu’s hip measurement is 36 inches.

Hajia Bintu’s waist measurement is 28 inches.

Hajia Bintu’s bust measurement is 40 inches.

40B Hajia Bintu Bra Size



Bintu Hajia monetary value

Hajia Bintu was the Jolof Empire’s first female ruler. She is remembered today as one of the most potent and influential queens in West Africa. Hajia Bintu ruled an empire that spanned Senegal and Mali.


Her kingdom had a lengthy trade history with North African countries, but it also had extensive trade with Portugal, Holland, England, and other Atlantic Ocean coast nations. During her 14th-century reign, the queen was known throughout West Africa for her wealth and power. Hajia Bintu’s net worth is currently between $100,000 and $350,000.

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Interesting Hajia Bintu Questions



Who exactly is Hajia Bintu?

Hajia Bintu was born on September 15, 1972, in the Adamawa State town of Kafin Madaki.

Hajia Bintu is a TikTok Star from Ghana, a brand influencer, a makeup artist, a model, and a businesswoman.


What is Hajia Bintu’s weight?

Hajia Bintu’s weight is proportionate to her height. Hajia Bintu weighs 57 kg (125 lbs) (In 2021).


How big is Hajia Bintu’s cup?

Hajia Bintu wears a cup size B.


What are Hajia Bintu’s body measurements?

The body measurements of Hajia Bintu are 37-28-35 inches.



What was Hajia Bintu’s net worth?

Hajia Bintu’s estate is estimated to be worth between $100,000 and $350,000. (2021).


Hajia Bintu is from where?

Hajia Bintu was born in the United Kingdom’s Westminster district of London.


Is her given name Hajia Bintu?

Naomi Asiamah is Hajia Bintu’s real name.


What is Hajia Bintu’s bra size?

Hajia Bintu wears a bra size 40B.


What color are Hajia Bintu’s eyes?

Hajia Bintu has black eyes.


Hajia Bintu’s height?

Hajia Bintu stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.


What is Hajia Bintu’s hip size?

Hajia Bintu has 37-inch hips.


What is Hajia Bintu’s waist measurement?

Hajia Bintu has a 28-inch waist.

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