What is the Difference Between a Made to Measure, Off-The Rack, and Bespoke Shirt?


What is the Difference Between a Made to Measure, Off-The Rack, and Bespoke Shirt?

When it comes to buying a quality shirt things can get quite confusing! More often than not you are faced with so many options and knowing the difference between made to measure vs off the rack vs bespoke can be quite overwhelming for someone new to it all. In this article we will explain the main attributes of each shirt as well as explain the differences between them and provide our recommendation for which shirt is best for you! That being said, let’s get started!

Shirt Type #1 – Off The Rack Shirt

This is probably the type of shirt you are most used to wearing, and its your go-to off the rack shirt! Off the rack shirts are a great option for individuals looking for convenience and a low-cost shirt. However, if you are looking for something that is more quality and tailored to you specifically, off-the rack shirts lack the ability to be made specifically for your body type and unique posture and balance. Off the rack shirts may be good for extremely casual pieces that you wear often, however, their longevity usually ranges between 6-months to a year which isn’t that high when compared to more premium options like made to measure or bespoke shirts which can last up to 5x longer. All in all, if you are looking something that will fit you, try opting for more premium options like a made-to-measure or bespoke shirt.

Shirt Type #2 – Made to Measure Shirt

When it comes to made to measure shirts, they are often interchanged with bespoke. The reailty is however, that they are actually different. A made to measure shirt is more often taken from a ready made pattern design. These ready made designs and pieces of fabric are then cut and then reassembled and customized according to your measurements and preferences. Made to measure shirts are considered mid-tier in terms of pricing and fall in the middle in terms of cost in between bespoke (which is premium) and off-the rack shirts (which is on the low-end). Made to measure shirts also usually mainly offer alterations to the sleeve length and neck size and due to these limited options in altering they often fall within the price bracket of around $250. All in all, if you are looking for a quality shirt that is more robust then something off-the rack but not as expensive as something that is fully bespoke, a made to measure shirt is perfect for you.

Shirt Type #3 – Bespoke Shirt

Saving the best for last we have none other than the bespoke shirt. A bespoke shirt is your utmost premium shirt you can get your hands on. This is because a bespoke shirt is made entirely from scratch with only YOU in mind. When working with a bespoke tailor, you get to have complete control on your finished bespoke shirt product. Everything from the color, to the crisp of the collar, to the length of the sleeves, to the material and assortment of pockets and buttons is all in your custom control. As oppossed to made to measure shirts, bespoke shirts also are designed to account for your unique posture, movement, and body type/weight distribution, all which are factors that are taken into consideration during the extensive fitting and styling process. Most bespoke shirts range between $400+ however if you are looking for a quality shirt designed for you that will last you years a bespoke shirt is the best investment you can put into your fashion and style.

Where Can I Get a Premium Quality Bespoke Shirt?

When it comes to getting a quality bespoke shirt, its important to work with a bespoke tailor that not only has the experience but also the visionary expertise to help design the perfect shirt for you. That’s why we recommend Isaac Ely Bespoke! Isaac Ely is a bespoke shirts tailor who opened his atelier in 2001 and since then, has been working to serve his client base that have an aspiration for standing out with their style. Currently Isaac Ely serves all across the GTA area in Canada, including:

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